Earth remembers the Sky

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Clarke could feel and see that Lexa was remembering everything from the other timeline they lived as well as everything they lived through in the Valley, she could feel her own heart beating so fast like it was going to jump out of her chest in anticipation as she waited to do this for the past year. Every moment she spent in the Ark, whether consciously or not, she dreamt about this moment. The moment in which she would get her girlfriend back to her, that they would be together again and she was waiting with baited breath as she saw Lexa's eyes widen.

She waited a few seconds in silence and soon enough, when the process was done, she could see Lexa's eyes going back to normal but she also saw the change in the way the commander looked at her in particular, the love was there, it was how she knew it was her Lexa again that was looking at her and that made Clarke almost smile. She had to subdue a sob that threatened to make its out of her throat but seeing Lexa maintain her commander face even with the return of her memories helped her keep her own face emotionless.

"I do think that as well and your ideas seem impressive. I agree that with your people's help, we will have a better chance at defeating the Mountain Men but I cannot simply agree to a truce with your people based on blind faith." Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded knowing they needed to do this first before getting to talk about them. "I understand, Commander. And I figured this would be a possibility so all I ask is that you give me some time to test my theory and if I am right, then we can have our truce and move forward together to defeat the Mountain." Clarke said to her and Lexa nodded her head.

"Very well, Clarke. I give you my word that my people will not attack unless yours do first, until you can prove to me that reapers can really be turned back to who they were before, that you can cure them. You will have one day to do so or tomorrow, we will attack." Lexa said firmly and Clarke nodded at her. "Thank you for your trust and your understanding, Commander. I know I can do this. That we can do this." Clarke said giving her a small smile as Lexa gave a small nod before turning to the other grounders in the tent.

"All of you, leave us. There are questions I need to ask Clarke of the Sky People alone and I don't want anyone coming inside without my permission, not even you Gustus. I want complete privacy for our talk. Go." The Commander said to them and Clarke made a huge effort to hide the smile that wanted to come out. She would finally be alone with her Lexa again and she was feeling herself getting giddier and giddier and the others could not leave fast enough for her. "But Commander, are you sure is safe?" Indra asked her and Lexa looked at her.

"I believe I can take care of her if needed. Now, do as I say, Indra. Leave us. All of you." Lexa said and they nodded before walking out of the tent. Gustus gave Lexa one more look but she shut him down with a glare of her own and he turned around leaving the tent and they just stared at each other for a few while before Clarke moved to speak. "Lexa, I..." she started saying but the brunette didn't give her time as she quickly left her throne, coming towards Clarke, grabbing her face and crashing their lips together.

The moment she felt those lips on her own, those hands touching her, that body pressed against hers, Clarke felt like she had been drowning until this moment when she could finally get to the surface so she could breathe fresh air again. Like she had been blind and was finally able to see again everything, as if she had been trapped and finally earned her freedom. Her heart was jumping around inside her chest wanting to burst. She held Lexa's face, pulling her close as they deepened the kiss, titling their heads for better access.

Within no time, their tongues met and Clarke could not help the moan that escaped her lips which were being bitten on by Lexa, not that Clarke was complaining, quite the opposite actually. She was loving every moment of it. She wrapped her arms around Lexa's shoulder as she felt the brunette wrap hers around the blonde's waist, pulling her as close as humanly possible. There was no way in this moment where you could prove that they were actually two different people instead of one being, at least that was how they both felt.

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