5. Take Care Of Me

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The following day, I woke up with a foggy head and sore throat. My nose was a little nasty too. I don't think I got sick from Terra. I'm sure it was that damn air conditioner in the store yesterday. I sound messy don't I? I came down the stairs to grab something to eat. 

"Good afternoon numb nuts." August started the day. 

"What time is it?" I combed my quiff with my fingers. 


"What?" August was taken off by my shocked expression. 

"Fuck." I jetted back up the stairs to grab my phone. I had two missed calls from Marissa.

"Damn." I went back down the stairs. I was about to dial her number, until August said, 

"Thought you were taking Marissa somewhere today." 

"I feel like shit. This cold got me on the worst day." 

"Are ya sure ya don't have Hoe Flu?" 

"Shut up."  

"What did ya have planned?" 

"Nothing really. I just-"

"Does it hurt ya to not see ha' fo' a day?" 

"Shut up." I waved my hand.

"I don't want to cancel on her."

"She's coming over." 

"Not if I'm sick." 

"She's going to come take care of ya." 

"I don't want her to catch this." 

"Nigga, she's going to pampered the fuck outta you. You won't have to lift a finger." August said. 


"You've never had a female take care of ya while you were sick?" He asked. I had to scratch my head on that one.

"Call ha' and tell ha' you're not feeling good. She's going to want to come and take care of ya. Do it." He pointed. I looked at my phone. "Stop looking at yo' phone like it's a positive pregnancy test and dial homegirl's number. Do it." He repeated. 

"Alright." I agreed and began to dial. 


"Okay!" I turned on the speaker and sat it on the counter. I cleared my throat by coughing. 

"Don't turn into an actress." 

"Fuck you. That was real." I argued.

"Are you dead?" Marissa picked up. 

"My bad. I overslept." 

"I figured that. When are you coming?" She asked. I looked up to August, he was making a despicable face. 

"I don't feel good. Can we reschedule? I'm sorry." 

"What are you sorry for, being sick?" She gave a soft giggle. "I'm coming over." She followed the script. I looked at Aug. He displayed a "know-it-all" look.

"I don't want you to catch this angel." That last word slipped. She was quiet for a second. I squeezed my eyes shut. 

"You shouldn't have overslept then. I'm already dressed. I'll be right over." She said. I started smiling, but I played it off by covering my lips with a closed fist. 

"Your city did this to me." 

"And it's up to me to make it all better. I'll see you soon." She hung up.

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