I Got Tagged

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Godfuckingdammit I got tagged


1: Mention who tagged you ( @StanTheMarshon )

2. Include rules (ta da)

3. Do it in less than three days

4. Put a title ( look up)

5. State ten facts

6. Tell a joke (my life)

7. State a spoiler for a book (if you'd like)

8. Tag 28 people


1. I live in Tennessee

2. I'm bisexual

3. I'm in 8th grade

4. I play ukulele 

5. I watch a lot of anime

6. I have anxiety and PTSD

7.  I really like to read

8. I have a dog and a cat

9. I cry a lot

10. I read 27 books this summer







I'm not tagging 28 ppl fuck the rules

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