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We were supposed to go to the wedding planner, but Melo and Gelo had their championship game. I wore Melo's jersey and jeans. They ended up winning and Gelo got MVP. After they had a mini celebration on the court, I went to congratulate Melo.

"Congrats on the chip baby!" I shouted hugging him.

"Thanks Kai, aye bro come take our picture," He called out to his friend.

"Got to get a picture with my two trophies," He smirked.

I laughed at his foolishness and smiled for the picture.

"What yall doing after this?" 

"Hitting up the clubs lil girl," He yelled.

"The only club you can get into is Weenie hut Jr's lil boy," I laughed.

"You're banned from watching sponegbob."

"I'm playing we're going to eat, you coming?"

"I guess so, I came with Zo," I answered.

"See you there then."

I nodded and went back to the Ball's.  We drove to the restaurant the boys were going to eat at. They arrived after us.

"Wassup big head," Melo said sitting next to me.

"Hey albino rat."

"Damn I ain't even roast you that bad Kai," He frowned.

"I'm sorry baby," I chuckled.

"You down in history son!" Lavar shouted.

"You too Gelo, Mvp baby that's what I'm talking bout," He added.

"Send me the pictures from earlier Dip."

He nodded and sent them. I decided to make my first official post with him.

kaixo Congrats to my baby and his team on becoming the first ever JBA Champions. Couldn't be more proud 💕 #BBB #DownInHistory

Melo's phone lit up. Looked like people were tagging him.

melo Thanks wifey! 😘 Big Baller Way  🔥

I smiled at looked up at him.

"Why you looking at me like that?" He asked.

"Because you so damn fine," I grinned.

"You didn't roast me wow, and you know you beautiful too baby."

"Y'all on some real lovey dovey shit," Gelo chuckled.

"Maybe when your shot finally goes in Jaden Owen's inbox you can do the same," Melo sipped his drink.

"Hoe life or no life," Gelo chuckled.

"Std life or no life," Zo added.

"You guys wildin."

We finished up and were getting ready to head back home. 

"You staying the night with me?" Melo asked.

"yOu SpEnDiNg ThE nIgHt WiTh Me-- boy my parents will eat my head off," I mimicked him.

"I'll drop you off with Zo then."

We drove back to my house and I opened the door. Melo came outside as well.

"Thanks Zozo," I said dapping him up.

"Anytime sis."

Melo walked me to my door.

"I'll call you when I get home," Melo said kissing me.

"Okayyy bye."

He pecked my lips one more time before turning around.

I was going to open the door when I noticed it was already opened. My dad was there watching everything.

My eyes opened widely.

"Goodnight dad," I said sprinting towards my room.

Well this was awkward.

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