Strange Place

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We traveled the rest of the way in silence. We didn't see any more rouges, but we could hear them, we could smell them. One thing about Rouges. If you had one captured they knew the first attack had failed and wouldn't attack.
I tried not to look back too often. But I felt a pull towards the red head, or more towards the rouge on his shoulder.
They stayed unconscious for the rest of the journey and when we arrived at the Alpha house I took a silent breath in hopes that I wouldn't be seen and killed on the spot.
This Rouge would direct attention away from me, but for how long. And would I even be able to talk to him? Who was he?
The Alpha ordered the Red head, who's name I found out was Terrence, to take the Rouge down to the cells for questioning.
"Follow me." He told me and I followed him up some stairs to a room off to the side and out of the way.
He opened the door and nodded for me to go first.
I frowned at him in confusion, why was he being courteous? It was so suspicious I was distracted for a good few minutes before I actually reacted to the room.
It was clean and smelled nice. A window sat off to the side and a bed sat in the corner with a wall closet in the opposite wall from the bed.
I blinked at it startled, I hadn't expected it to be so nice.
My room was much smaller and had a desk drawer in the corner for my things including all of my clothes. Now this room wasn't enormous, but it was almost twice as large as my room.
"This will be your room." He told me and I turned back to him, this couldn't be the same Alpha I'd met yesterday, he was acting so different.
"T-Thank you." I stuttered and nodded to him softly. I had to thank him, but my Thanks was genuine. This room was more then I'd expected. Of course I'd expected to be in a cramped room in the corner away from everyone. And although the room was out of the way, it was much nicer than I'd thought it would be.
The Alpha nodded in return.
"I'll be questioning that trash downstairs for the next few hours thanks to the little scuffle we had, but I won't miss dinner, you'll dine with me and my parents."
I stared at him wide eyed.
"I-I'm not-"
"I'm well aware of the drabby garments you have to wear and there are some suitable clothes in the closet." He told me nodding at the closet.
Now I know my clothes aren't as expensive but I wasn't wearing 'drabby garments'. The leather had been a bit more pricey than my other clothes but it disguised my human scent.
I however was too shocked to snip at him as I had expected not to have any clothes if I didn't bring any.
"You didn't have to." I told him softly suddenly feeling guilty for slapping him. He'd hurt my father, but maybe it was just the fact that my father was an Omega.
"I have to go." He told me starting out the door.
"I'll try to come for you before dinner." He told me and I stepped towards him.
"I'm sorry."
He stopped and looked over at me with a confused look.
"For...slapping you..and, mocking you. I'm sorry." I apologized and he hummed at me.
"Apology accepted."
Then he left closing the door behind him.
It was abrupt, and a bit rude. I hadn't expected him to apologize for hurting my dad but it would have been nice. Maybe he was one of those people who couldn't act courteous verbally.
I shrugged it off and gently set my bag on the bed before heading over to the closet.
There were enough outfits to last a month here, well, if you wore one outfit a day like I do.
Some were dresses, others were shirts, skirts, pants, you name the article of clothing, I'm pretty sure it was in here. The problem was. I didn't think I'd ever wear stuff like this.
Tank tops, crop tops, shorty shorts, mini skirts, I don't know about other people but I'm pretty shy when it comes to my body, and pretty picky when it comes to my clothes.
I mean the only thing you could see is my face and my hands in the current outfit I'm wearing now. Even the top of my head was covered.
My eye twitched nervously. The clothes looked expensive but my clothes were obviously cheap. Any one could tell the difference in an instant.
Plus the clothes would show my scent, and I didn't prefer the whole pack knowing I was a mutt. I frowned.
This was probably his plan. Get my guard down and put me in some showy clothes. I'd be ripped apart for looking at someone wrong.
I sighed and pushed the revealing clothes to the farthest part of the closet. Which brought it down to half. I then picked out a nice dark blue dress that covered my neck and arms. It had a hole in the back that showed my shoulder blades, but I could cover it with my hair. Then I found some matching shoes and I set it in a different part of the closet so I could find it easily.
I then closed the closet and turned back to my bed shifting through my bag and grabbing a cookie. I was a bit peckish after the journey and decided to eat something. I had plenty of food, along with some snacks as well.
I munched on the cookie for a minute before standing up and walking to the door. Then I paused, my hand hovering over the handle.
What if I'm supposed to stay here until the Alpha returns? Would I be expected to stay here the entire time? Or do they expect me to wander about freely?
A regular Omega would have shrunk back and stayed on the bed in precaution. They would have waited until being ordered or invited out of the room. Not me, I threw caution to the wind and opened the door.
I wasn't going to be cooped up in a small, but very nice, room for the entire visit. Besides I wanted to know more about the Rouge. The Alpha would most likely be mad that I interrupted, but if I stayed off to the side and just watched, what could it hurt?
I looked around before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.
Perfume, there was lots of it, I didn't understand why girls wore it. Showing your scent attracted your mate, where they subconscious of their own scent?
I shook my head not wanting to get distracted and shifted through the perfume until I found the Alpha's scent.
I opened my eyes and looked around spotting his scent on the ground like a cloud. Grass, the cloud was a light green. I followed it down some stairs heading back to the lobby before disappearing into a hall and down another stairs case. His path was winded, decidedly because he didn't want someone following him. That was ridiculous since Werewolves were able to track through scent. Strangely it was easier for me than it was for my dad, which was strange, since I should have weaker abilities than he does.
Shouting yanked me from my thoughts and I lost sight of the Alpha's scent.
"Why did you attack us! Answer me!"
It was The Alpha.

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