Dillion And Flame Chapter 14

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The next day, Dillion walked downstairs and saw his family eating breakfast. You looked at him and smiled. "Morning Dillion. Ready for breakfast?" "I guess but I'm in a big hurry." Dillion said. "What's the rush?" Sonic asked. "I have to....uh....meet my friends." "Oh is that so?" Skylar asked curiously. "Yes so I'm just gonna eat and then leave." "Alright dear." Y/N said as he sat down and began to eat. After breakfast, Dillion left the house and went to Silver's and Blaze's house. He knocked on the door and Silver answered it. "Hey Dillion." "Hey Silver. Can I come in?" "Sure." Dillion walked inside and saw Zack playing video games. "Hey Zack?" Silver asked. "Yeah dad?" "Where's your sister?" "She's upstairs." "Alright. Thank you." Silver said as he walked upstairs. Dillion sat down next to Zack. "Hey Dillion. What brings you here?" "I'm here to pick up Flame." Zack widen his eyes and paused his game. "Really? You're hanging out with my sister? You never hang out with my sister." "I know but I noticed that she seemed lonely so I decided to take her out for the day." "Like a date?" Zack smirked while Dillion blushed. "It's not like that." *Sarcasm* "Sure it's not." Zack unpaused his game while Dillion rolled his eyes. "Just don't say anything alright?" Dillion asked. "Sure...yeah...whatever." Zack said as he was to distracted by his game. Suddenly, Blaze came in the room. "Hey Dillion." "Hey Blaze." "Flame told me that you were coming over. Do you need anything?" "No thanks." Suddenly, Flame came downstairs. Dillion smiled and got up. "Ready to go?" Dillion asked. Flame nodded and walked towards the door. "Have fun you two!" Zack said while Dillion rolled his eyes again. When they left the house, Lightning and Frost walked towards Dillion and Flame. "Hey Dillion. Wanna go to the mall to find some more hot chicks with us?" Frost asked. "Sorry guys. Maybe next time." "But you never say no." Lightning said. "Alright then. See you later." Frost said as they walked away. Dillion looked at Flame. "Let's go." They walked towards the forest and sat down. It was pretty quiet until Dillion said something. "So....how are things going at home?" "It's ok" "Alright. What do you like to do?" "I-I like to draw." "What do you draw?" "Well....um...." Flame looked into his eyes and blushed. She thought that he was the most handsome hedgehog she's ever seen. She lowered her ears. "What's wrong?" Dillion asked. Flame didn't answer. *Thinks* "He could never like someone like me." Flame looked at him and couldn't take it anymore. Flame leaned in and kissed him. Dillion widen his eyes. Trying to figure out what is happening right now. Flame pulled away slowly and looked at him. When she realized what she did, she began to form tears. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." Flame began to cry as she runs away. "Flame! Wait!" Dillion began to run after her. Soon, Dillion lost sight of her. "Oh no." Meanwhile with Flame, she was sitting on a rock crying to herself. "Why did I do that? He probably hates me now." Suddenly, a robot grabbed her from out of nowhere. Flame screamed as she tried to get out of his grip. "DILLION!" Meanwhile with Dillion, while he was searching for Flame, he heard a yell. "DILLION!" Dillion gasped. "FLAME!" Dillion ran off to find her. Flame was still struggling to get out of the robots grip when suddenly, she saw Eggman. "I finally got....wait...you're not Blaze. Who are you?" Eggman asked. Flame didn't answer. She was to scared to talk. "Whatever. I'll still destroy you!" Eggman said. "Let her go!" Dillion said as he arrived. "Who are you?" Eggman asked. "I'm Dillion The Hedgehog. Now let her go!" "You remind me of that blue hedgehog named Sonic." Dillion widen his eyes. *Thinks* "He knows my dad?" "Now get out of here you little brat!" Eggman yelled. Dillion growled as he looked at him. The robot squeezed Flame making her scream in pain. "Flame!" "So that's her name huh? Make sure she's destroyed!" "I don't think so!" Dillion turned into a Werehog and roared. Eggman widen his eyes. "You're the son of Sonic!?" Dillion roared and attacked Eggman sending him flying. Then he attacked the robot and saved Flame. He grabbed her and took her back to the forest. When they arrived, Dillion sent her down and she quickly hugs him. Dillion smiled and hugged back. "Thank you for saving me Dillion." "No problem Flame. I couldn't let anything happen to you." Flame pulled away and lowered her head. "I'm sorry that I kissed you. It's just...I've been in love with you for a long time but I knew you wouldn't like me back since you were always looking for other girls to date with and you never talked to me. I was to shy to say anything so I almost gave up on trying." Dillion lowered his ears. He had no idea that she felt that way about him. Dillion grabbed her chin making her look at him. "I'm sorry that I haven't talked to you. The truth is....I had feelings for you too." "Really?" "Yeah. The reason I was lookin for other girls is because I didn't think I would be brave enough to tell you how I feel. I'm sorry." "I forgive you." "Really?" "Yeah." Dillion smiled and hugged her while she hugged back. They both looked at each other. "I love you." Dillion said. "I love you too." Soon, they both kissed each other. Later that night, Dillion took Flame home and then he arrived home. "Hey Dillion." Sonic said. "Hey dad. Where's mom?" "She's at Amy's house." "Oh ok." Soon, Skylar came downstairs with a smirk on her face. "So...did you have fun with your friends?" Skylar asked. "Yup." "Oh really? Because I just got a text from Zack saying that you were at his house to pick up Flame a few hours ago." "What!?" Dillion grabbed her phone. "Hey! Give it back!" Dillion ignored her and read the text. He gave it back and headed towards the door. "Where are you going?" Skylar asked. "I have business to take care of." Dillion said as he closed the door. Skylar and Sonic looked at at each other confused. Skylar began to call Zack. "Hello?" "Hey Zack. It's Skylar. You might want to lock your door." "Why?" Suddenly on the other end of the phone, there was a crashing noice. "How could you tell her!?" Dillion yelled. "I'm sorry. I didn't think she would say anything." Zack said. "You're gonna pay!" Suddenly, they start hearing screaming, roaring and crashing noises. Skylar and Sonic widen their eyes. When things started to get quiet, Skylar hanged up and they went to bed like nothing happened.

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Sonic: I have something very important to tell you.
Sonic: Let her go!
Skylar: I-I love you too dad.
Y/N: I don't want to lose you again.

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 15. Have a great day. Author out 💖💖💖

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