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Decided to write another larry story. Don't worry I'm not going to forget about My sweet baby, that should be up in a week. Hope you like this chapter. I wanted to write a prologue on how harry becomes a single parent

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Third person:

Harry was a nervous wreck. He had just found out he's a month pregnant with his boyfriend Nicks baby and he isn't sure he's going to take the news well. They only been together for a year and a half amd Nick made sure to tell harry he never wanted kids once he found out Harry was a carrier.

He took a deep breath and went into his flat. He sat his keys and prenatal vitamins on the counter.

He hears a strange noise and went to go check it out. As he got closer he heard moans.

He opens the door and his heart breaks and tears sprung to his eyes. There was Nick on there bed fucking some guy.

"Shit Harry, this isn't what it looks like,"

"Okay so your not fucking some guy in our bed?" He spat angrily.

"Okay, it's exactly like that,"

"How long has this been going on?" I asked.

"Six months,"

"So half our relationship you been cheating on me, did you even love me Nick?"

"Yes, I still do,"

"No you don't or you would of never cheated on me, we're done Nick I never want to see you again and you'll never see this baby either,"

"Baby? You're pregnant?" Nick asked stunned.

"Yes, now get out of my flat and take this asswhole with you,"

"Harry come on let's talk about this," he pleaded.

"No we're done, so go or I'll through your stuff out on the lawn,"

Nicks face was red from anger but he took the guys hand, passing Harry slowly.

"Whatever, I would of never want that baby anyway," he spat leaving with a duffelbag.

Harry sits on his bed and lets tears fall down his cheeks as he realizes he was going to be a single father.

"Don't worry little baby you have me and I love you so much already," Harry says rubbing his flat tummy.

He wipes his tears and strips the bed of the sheets that were contaminated and puts a white sheet over the mattress, throwing away the other ones.

Harry decides to text his best friend, needing comfort.

Zayn, turns out you were right, Nick was cheating on me, could you come over. I have some news.

I'm sorry haz, and sure ill be over soon.

Okay thanks

Harry went out to his living room and grabbed the ultrasound and pinning it up on the refrigerator. Soon there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," He called out.

"Hey mate, so what's this news?" Zayn asked.

"Well when I was still feeling ill I decided to go to the clinic and well I found out I'm a month pregnant with Nicks baby," he rushed out.

"Ah man, and you we're going to tell him you we're pregnant, when you walked in on him cheating,"

"Yes, I told him and he said he would of never wanted this baby anyway, but yet he still loved me,"

Zayn rolled his eyes. "Well you have Niall and I so don't stress,"

"Yeah but you guys already have responsibilities, you have a one year old son,"

"Yeah, so you can practice by babysitting for us,"

"You just want free babysitting services," he laughed.

"Alright, call us if you need anything," Zayn said getting off the couch.

"I will, thanks, Zaynie,"

"Don't call me that, but your welcome.

Harry felt lucky he had two best friends there for support since his mum and sister live two hours away.

Speaking of his mum he knew he still had to tell his mum and sister.So he dialed the familiar number and waited while it rung.


"Hey mum, it's Harry,"

"Hey love, great to hear from you, what's going on?"

"Well first I found out Nicks been cheating on me and second I found out I'm pregnant,a month along to be exact"

Harry heard his mom gasp

"Oh honey I knew I didn't like him for a reason, but what are you going to do about the baby?"

"Well I'm going to be the best dad that I can be,"

"That's a great attitude and you have me of course,"

"Thank you mum, but I'm going to go and get something to eat, I'll call you tommorow,"

"Okay, love, i love you and I'll be there in a couple of days,"

"Alright, see you then,"

Harry hung up with his mum and knew not to argue with her about her coming to London. He went out to the kitchen and fixed a sandwhich and munched on chips for dinner.

Soon it got late and Harry was tired from today's events.

He stripped down to his boxers and slipped under the covers. He knew it was going to be hectic being a single parent, but what he didn't know was he was going to meet a certain blue eyed man that will change his life forever.

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