Skylar And Dillion Moments Chapter 12

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The next day, Dillion walked downstairs to see his family and Darkness eating breakfast. "Hey sis. How did you sleep? I bet it was nice." Dillion winked while Skylar growled at him. Darkness held Skylar's hand to calm down. Skylar looked at Darkness while smiling at him. Darkness smiled back. "Well I'm off to go hang out with my friends. See you guys later." Dillion said. "You and your idiot friends. All you ever do is try to flirt with random girls and get rejected every time. What's the point?" Skylar asked. "Well unlike you, I never give up." Dillion said as he closed the door. At the mall, Dillion's friends, Frost The Echidna and Lightning The Fox were waiting for him until he finally showed up. "There you are Dillion." Frost said. "Sorry guys. Are we ready for this?" Dillion asked. "You know it!" Lightning said. "Alright. See any hotties around here yet?" Dillion asked. The boys looked around until Lightning said something. "I see 3 hotties over there." He pointed at an orange hedgehog, a blue cat and a green rabbit. "Perfect. Let's go talk to them." Dillion said as they walked towards them. "Hello ladies." Frost said. The blue cat was about to speak but the orange hedgehog interrupted her. "What do you want?" "Would you ladies like to hang out with us?" Dillion asked. "We are not hanging out with someone like you. Come on girls." The girls walked away. "Well that failed....again." Frost said. "Hey at least we tried." Dillion said. "Hey Dillion? Is that Flame over there?" Lightning asked as he pointed at Flame who was sitting alone. "I'll be right back guys." Dillion said as he walked towards her. "Flame?" "Huh?" She turned her head and blushed when she saw Dillion. "Are you OK Flame?" "Yeah. I'm ok." "What are you doing here by yourself?" "I...don't have any friends." " you...wanna be my friend?" "R-Really?" "Sure." "T-Thanks." "Would you like to hang out with me sometime?" "S-Sure." "Cool. See you later Flame." "Bye Dillion." Meanwhile with Skylar and Darkness, they were at this popular party and they were having a great time together. "Are you having fun Darkness?" "I'm not much of a party person but if you're having fun, then I am too." Darkness said as he smiled. Skylar smiled back. Suddenly, a pink female rabbit walking towards Darkness. "Hey cutie. You look pretty hot." "Uh...thanks?" "Hey! Stay away from him!" Skylar yelled. "And what are you going to do about it?" "Trust me. You do not want to mess with me!" "You don't scare me hedgehog!" Skylar growled and turned into a Werehog. Skylar roared at her as she screamed and ran off. Everyone saw this and ran off screaming. Skylar sighs and turns back to normal. Darkness walked towards her. "Let's go." Darkness said as Skylar nodded. Darkness picked her up bridal style and began to fly towards the park. They sat down on the bench and snuggled each other. "I'm glad you're here with me Darkness." "Me too. I know our fathers a rivals so I was worried that it might not work out." "But I'm glad it did work out. I love you." "I love you too." Skylar and Darkness kissed each other and began to make out for a while. Later, Darkness had to go home so Skylar began to walk home alone until she saw Dillion. "Hey sis." "Hey bro." They both smiled and held each others hands as they walked home together. When they got home, they saw you snuggling with Sonic who was in his Werehog form. "Hey Skylar. Hey Dillion. How was your day?" Y/N asked. "It was good." They both said as they walked upstairs. "Good night." Y/N said. "Good night." They both said as they went to their rooms. You looked at Sonic and smiled while he smiled back.

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Y/N: Here's our photo album.
Skylar: Are you ok mommy?
Dillion: I want to be just like dad.
Y/N: I remember that.

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 13. Have a good day. Author out 💖💖💖

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