A Reunion Party Chapter 11

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The next day, Sonic walked downstairs and saw you, Skylar and Dillion eating breakfast. Sonic took a deep breath and decided to join you. "Hey Y/N." "Hey Sonic." Skylar and Dillion looked at Sonic. "What is he still doing here?" Dillion asked. "Be nice Dillion. Sonic is gonna be staying with us for a while." Y/N said. *Sarcasm* "Great. Another hedgehog to deal with around here." Dillion said. "Dillion! I'm so sorry Sonic. Go ahead and have a seat." Y/N said. "Thanks Y/N." Sonic said as he sat down. When you sat down, you saw Skylar playing with her phone. "What are you doing Skylar?" Y/N asked. "I'm texting Darkness." Skylar said. "Well put your phone away. We're eating breakfast." "Fine." Skylar said as she put her phone away. Everyone began to eat dinner but then you had something to say. "Skylar? Dillion? Remember when I told you about your father's disappearance?" "Yeah?" "Well guess what, your father is right here!" Y/N said as Skylar and Dillion looked at Sonic. "Him? Really?" Dillion asked. "No offense but I doubt that you're my father." Skylar said as she looked at Sonic. "Besides, you said that our father is dead." Dillion said. "I only said that because I didn't think he would come back. *Thinks* Even though I always believed that he would return someday." "Whatever. I have places to be so I'll see you later." Dillion said as he was about to get up. "Oh no you don't. After breakfast, we're going to Tails and Cream's house for a reunion party for Sonic." Y/N said. "Do we have to?" Skylar and Dillion asked. "Yes now finish your breakfast and then get dressed." "Fine." After breakfast, Skylar and Dillion went upstairs to get changed. Sonic looked at you and blushed. "There's a party?" Sonic asked. "Yeah. A reunion party for you Sonic. To welcome you back home. You can even meet Silver's and Blaze's kids, Zack The Hedgehog and Flame The Cat." "Alright but I have one question. Who's Darkness?" "Shadow's son." "What!? How come he didn't tell me? I thought he didn't have a lady in his life." "He did but he doesn't like to talk about it." "Oh." Later, everyone was walking to Tails and Cream's house. When they arrived, Y/N knocked on the door. Suddenly, Tails opened the door. "Hey guys. Come on in." Tails said as he opened the door. Sonic looked around and saw his friends talking to each other. He even saw some unfamiliar faces. Suddenly, he heard a squeal. "Darkness!" Skylar ran towards a Hedge-Bat. (Half hedgehog half bat). He was dark green with red eyes. He had purple wings as well. Darkness smiled and hugged Skylar while she hugged back. "Hey Sky. I missed you so much." "I missed you too." They both kissed each other passionately while Dillion rolled his eyes. Dillion sat down next to Flame who soon began to blush. Flame was always shy around Dillion and she had a small crush on him but he never really noticed her true feelings towards him. Dillion looked at her. "Hey Flame." Flame slowly waved at him and quickly turned her head. "Hey Dillion!" Zack walked towards Dillion. "Hey Zack." "What's up? I heard that this Sonic guys has returned and said that he was a friend of our parents." "Not only that but my mom kept saying that he's my father but I have a hard time believing that." Zack widen his eyes. "Really!? Cool! Where is he?" "I think he's talking to Tails." Zack got up and walked towards Sonic. "Excuse me? Are you Sonic?" Zack asked. "Yeah? Who are you?" "I'm Zack The Hedgehog, the son of Silver The Hedgehog and Blaze The Cat." "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too. Also, welcome back." "Thanks." After the party, everyone went home after saying goodbye to each other. Skylar asked you if Darkness could sleep over. You said yes and you all began to walk. "We all know why you want him over." Dillion said while Skylar was glaring at him. "Shut up Dillion." "Come on! Admit it! You want him over so you can do stuff together like you know what!" Skylar growled slightly. "I said shut up! And that's not true!" "Is to!" "Is not!" "Is to!" "Is not!" "Skylar! Dillion! Stop!" Y/N said as they continued to glare at each other. "Don't worry Y/N. I'm not even ready for that yet so I promise that nothing will happen." Darkness said. "Thanks Darkness." Y/N said. Suddenly, Sonic began to transform. Dillion widen his eyes while Skylar screamed in horror. Darkness covered her for protection. As soon as Sonic stopped transforming, everyone except you widen their eyes. Sonic was worried what will his kids think of him now. Dillion and Skylar looked at each other as they begin to transform. Soon, they were both Werehogs. Skylar was a yellow Werehog and Dillion was a black Werehog. "You really are our dad. We're so sorry." They both said. "It's alright." They both hugged Sonic while he hugged back. You smiled at this as they transformed back. Sonic was still a Werehog. "Can't you transform back?" Darkness asked. "I only transform at night and I can only transform back in the daytime." "Oh ok." Everyone continued to walk home.

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Dillion: Would you girls like to hang out with us?
Dillion: Are you ok Flame?
Skylar: I'm glad you're here with me Darkness.
Skylar: Trust me you do not want to mess with me!

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 12. Have a great day. Author out 💖💖💖

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