Sonic's Strange Behavior Chapter 8

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The next day, you slowly woke up and then you widen your eyes. "Sonic!" You quickly got up and headed towards the door. When you opened it, Shadow was already there. "Stay here. I'll go fine him." "But..." "Just stay here." Suddenly, they heard the front door open. You and Shadow ran towards the front door and saw Sonic with a cast over his arm. "Sonic! You're ok!" You ran towards him and hugged him. Sonic smiled and hugged back with one arm. "There you are. What happened to you?" Shadow asked. "I...uh...was looking for flowers when suddenly I tripped and my arm landed on a rock." "Oh. Any chance of you seeing a giant creature last night?" Shadow asked. "No not really." "Hmm...alright." Shadow said as he walked away. You hugged Sonic again. "I'm so glad you're ok." "Me too. I love you Y/N." "I love you too." 3 weeks later, Sonic was feeling a lot better and his arm was now healed. Later at night, You and Sonic were at the forest snuggling each other while Sonic is in his Werehog form. "I love you so much Sonic." "I love you too Y/N." "You mean everything to me and I want to be by your side whenever there's danger. I don't want you to get hurt." "Even if I do get hurt, I'll always be by your side." "Do you...wanna make out for a while?" Y/N asked while blushing. "Sure." You and Sonic smiled at each other and you both began to make out with each other for a while and you both enjoyed each others touch. Everything was perfect. But...something was not right. Sonic has been...different than usual. "Hi Tails." "Hey Sonic. I'm almost done with the turkey for tonight." Tails said. "Alright." A few minutes later, Tails sets the turkey on the table. "Hey Sonic? Can you watch the turkey for me?" "Sure Tails." "Thanks." Tails said as he walked away. Suddenly, Sonic felt a small pain in his body. Soon, he began to attack the table and then he ate the turkey. A few minutes later, Tails came back and gasped in surprised. "My turkey! Sonic! What happened!?" "I-I'm sorry Tails. I didn't mean to." Tails sighs. "It's ok. I'll just make a new one." Throughout the whole day, Sonic was acting weird around everyone. Sonic kept barking at Blaze. Sonic scratched Knuckles only once. Sonic almost attacked Shadow but luckily he didn't. He had no idea what's going on so he decided to stay in his room for a while. A little bit later, you decided to go visit him. You knocked on the door but there was no answer. You tried again but still no answer. "Sonic? Are you in here? I have something very exciting and very important to tell you." Y/N said while opening the door. "You're not gonna believe this Sonic! I'm..." You stopped talking when you saw Sonic sitting on the opposite direction. "Sonic? Are you alright?" Sonic didn't say anything. "Sonic?" Suddenly, you heard quiet growling. "S-Sonic? Can you hear me?" Sonic turn around and growled at you. You gasped and slowly backed away from him. "Sonic? What's wrong with you?" Sonic pushed you out of the way and ran out of the house. You looked outside and noticed that it was getting close to sunset. You were about to run after him but you were stopped by Shadow. "Shadow. Please I need to get though." "I'm not gonna do this again. Me and the others are coming with you and you can't stop me this time!" Later, you were all at the forest searching for Sonic when suddenly, you saw him sitting on a rock without moving a muscle. "There you are Faker! What is with you lately?!" Shadow asked. Sonic didn't say anything. "Hello?! I'm talking to you!" Suddenly, Sonic started to scream in pain making the others step back. As so as he stopped transforming, everyone except you gasped in surprised. "So this is what you've been hiding." Shadow said. Suddenly, Sonic began to attack Shadow. Shadow began to fight back. "Sonic! Stop! This isn't like you!" Sonic saw you and then he began to attack you. You screamed in fear as the others try to pull Sonic away. Sonic slapped you so hard that he made you fall unconscious. Sonic shook his head as he got his scenes back. He looked at you and gasps loudly. "Y/N!" He ran towards you and held you in his fluffy arms. *Thinks* "What have I done?" Sonic began to cry softly. Everyone watched as he cried to himself. Everyone knew that he didn't mean it. Since everyone knew his secret, everyone including Sonic went back home. Sonic placed you on your bed gently and looked at you. He still had tears in his eyes as he gave you a kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug. *Thinks* "I know what I must do. I'm so sorry Y/N. Please forgive me."

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Cream: *Crying*
Sonic: I'm sorry Y/N.
Tails: Sonic? Is that you?
Shadow: You're an idiot, you know that?

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 9. Have a nice day. Author out 💖💖💖

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