Shadow's Curiosity Chapter 5

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Later that night, You and Sonic went to go find Eggman. Once, you both arrived at his base, Sonic destroyed the door and ran inside with you following him. Suddenly, Sonic shouted. "Eggman!" "What!? Can't a villain get some quiet time once in a while?" "Change me back now!" Sonic yelled. "Why would I do that?" "Change him back Eggman." Y/N said. "Fine. I'll change him back. For a price." "And what's that?" Sonic asked. "If you want the cure, you have to work for me forever." "No way!" Sonic yelled. "Then you're stuck like this." Sonic growled and ran towards him while barking loudly. Eggman quickly pressed the button and flew away. "Get back here!" Sonic yelled but he was already gone. *Sarcasm* "Great. Now what do we do?" Sonic asked. "I don't know. I'm sorry things didn't work out like you expected." "It's alright. Let's just head to the forest." "Ok." The next day, you and Sonic were walking towards the front door but when Shadow opened it and saw you two, he didn't look happy. "Where have you two been?" Shadow asked. "Just went out for a midnight walk." Sonic said. "I highly doubt that." Shadow said. "Look we had a long night so how about we get something to eat alright?" Before Shadow could say anything, you and Sonic walked pasted him and walked towards the kitchen. Shadow looked at both of them and rolled his eyes. "Nice save Sonic." Y/N said. "Thanks." You gave him a small kiss on the cheek making him blush a little. "Why do you keep doing that?" Sonic asked. "Because it's funny seeing your reactions." You giggled a little while he continued to blush. For the past few days, you both began to develop feelings even more as well as Shadow's curiosity to where you and Sonic are really going at night. You and Sonic were about to leave when suddenly, Shadow stopped you two from leaving. "Where are you two going?" Shadow asked. "Shadow, now is not a good time. We need to go like now." You and Sonic quickly left the house. "What are they up to?" Shadow asked.  Later that night, you and Sonic were relaxing on the grass. "I love spending time with you Sonic." "Me too. It's just like old times." Sonic smiled at you while you smiled back. "Hey Y/N?" "Yeah?" Sonic couldn't think of anything to say. "Never mind." "Ok." You snuggled into his fur as you were looking at the stars. Sonic smiles and snuggles you as well.

Here's a sneak peek for the next chapter:

Sonic: I have something to tell you.
Cream: This is fun Miss Y/N.
Tails: I can help you Sonic.
Sonic: *Thinks* Should I tell her?
Y/N: Everything ok Sonic?

What's gonna happen next? Find out soon on Chapter 6. Have a good day. Author out 💖💖💖

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