Part 64 - Through the peep hole

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Rick stepped away from the door, he continued to chuckle to himself as his gaze never broke from Carl's. Carl responded with a confused look back at Rick, but walked towards the door as he did so, shifting his glance from Rick to the big white washed wooden door. Carl reached out his arm towards the brass door knob and swung the door towards him, only to reveal Michonne, who he ran towards and hugged. "Michonne!" I yelped pulling her unto a hug too, as did Rick. "Have you seen anyone?" Michonne asked getting straight to the point. I just shook my head and said "We've been held up here ever since we left the prison, Rick hasn't been in exactly a tip top condition to travel much" Michonne glanced at Rick, her eyes filled with sorrow and despair and for the first time ever, I had seen Michonne express some form of emotion. Michonne was a very solitary person who was only really comfortable in the company of herself, she just kept herself to herself. "Okay, so do we just stay here? or do we look for the others?" she asked worriedly, Rick walked up beside me and laced his hand with mine. "I don't think were going to find them, we were scattered out too far" he wheezed. Rick began to cough, a lot.
"So what's the plan? This place, is it home or just a stop along the way?" I asked, my glance shifting between Rick and Michonne. "Well, let's-- let's just stay here while we figure it out" Rick replied, he continued to cough, and his breathing started to become laboured. "Well, we'll need more supplies... I'll go with Carl and get some..." Michonne delegated, looking towards Carl and flashing him a smile. "I'll come, too" Rick chimed in, his coughing fit stopped momentarily before starting again. I shook my head and placed my hand on his shoulder "You were unconscious yesterday" I began, my sentence being cut short. "I'm awake today..." Rick retorted. "We need you strong... Just rest. Just one more day... How long you think you'll be?" I averted my glance fro. Rick to Michonne for the second time. "Fill a couple bags, shouldn't be too long...." She looked down at her watch. "It's 8:15 now... We'll be back by noon" she declared looking back up at me.

Ricks coughing got worse, he began to clutch at his ribs and began to collapse on to me. "See?... You need some rest Rick, you're not well" I ordered. "Carl go and fix up one of the beds upstairs for your dad" I continued, and with that he nodded and marched upstairs to sort out a room. I had helped Rick up the stairs and into the bed Carl had sorted for him. Rick began to wince in pain as he sat down on the bed and lowered himself on to his back. "You need anything before I go downstairs?" I questioned while perching myself beside him. He placed his hand upon my cheek, and just shook his head before closing his eyes. I carefully stood up and walked down stairs to see Carl and Michonne, who had been standing by the door with bands and weapons. "You're going right now?" I questioned. "There's a house I passed, there's a lot of stuff in there, medicine and food... I couldn't grab it all so we're gonna go back, we'll be back before night fall" Michonne replied instantly, I wasn't happy about this, but I knew Michonne would protect Carl, I nodded and smiled. "Okay, well be careful" I expressed and walked towards the front door and opened it, letting them past. I waved them off and decided to get some sleep too, so I locked the place up and went up to Ricks room. I had come to be very sensitive towards noise, in a world like this you had to be or you wouldn't survive. After walking back upstairs, I stood in the doorway and leant on the door frame, staring at Rick's chest fall and rise in a rhythmic pattern, it was almost hypnotic. I tiptoed around the bed and lied down beside him. Once my head hit the pillow I was sent straight into a deep dreamless sleep, it was heaven and well needed.

I was shook awake, a hand was placed over my mouth, my eyes shot open . Rick had covered my mouth, he put his finger in front of his lips and made a shhh sound. I was confused at first, but then I heard it. There were men traipsing around down stairs, talking too, but their voices were too muffled to understand what they were saying. Rick got up and pulled me up to him, he gestured for me to climb under the bed, so I did just that. My heart was thumping a mile a minute, waiting for whoever it was to come upstairs, my body slowly began to become filled with adrenaline. I tried to slow my breathing down but it was no use, Rick placed his hand in mine and give it a reassuring squeeze which helped. The scuttling of footsteps began to ring through the hallway, followed by shouting, which was loud enough to hear clearly.

"We can work this out man! Please, don't do this!" One guy cried out, pleading to whoever was about to do something horrible to him. "It's gonna happen! You don't steal!" Another man bellowed. "No, no, no, please! Please don't!" The first man Squealed, his cries were followed by loud thuds, and then silence. "You didn't have to kill him bro!" A new, third voice spoke up, making me jump. "After what he did, the man deserves to bleed...
Y'all stay down there if you want" the second voice said before stomping up the stairs. "This will be our abode for the evening..." he continued with a chuckle. "Now clean this mess up" he ordered. I could see the mans face from where I was laying, he looked fairly old as he had silvery greyish hair and beard. He was covered in a red oozy substance that I can obviously assume was blood as he had just murdered a man in cold blood. The man paused and turned to the bedroom, I took in a breath of air, but it was too loud so Rick placed his hand over my mouth again. I placed my hand over his, my breathing was getting more erratic as he wandered into the room and flopped onto the bed. Rick looked at me and put his finger to his lips for the second time, I nodded and slowed my breathing down, we had to wait until he was asleep to escape, that's all we could do... wait.

2 hours later -------

I was shook awake for the second time by Rick, he nodded, letting me know that it was time to get the hell out of there. He placed his hands on my cheeks and mouthed 'We're getting out of here' and pressed his  lips against mine, kissing me quickly. He pulled back and pointed above him to the sound if deep heavy snoring. Rick and I slid ourselves slowly and carefully and stood up to see the sleeping mad man. I took in a deep breath and tiptoed over to Rick who took me into the adjoining room. We could still hear voices downstairs, so the front door was not an option. We closed the door slowly and waited for a brief moment before turning around and seeing that we were not alone. There was another man in there. We both stared at him for a brief second, as did he before he began to shout "Joe!" but before he could project a forceful cry, Ricks hands were wrapped around his throat, suffocating him. His struggles began to weaken. I turned my back, I couldn't watch him kill the stranger, I covered my ears, then the cries stopped, and I felt a pair of hands upon my shoulders which made me flinch. "Let's go" Rick grabbed my hand and opened the wind on so we could climb down, he slid down first and opened his arms to catch me, I carefully began to slide down until Rick saw one of the strangers come by the window, he ducked down giving me the signal and I just laid there. Half of my body was dangling over the roof, how he didn't see me I don't know, but I'm glad. Rick stood up again and coaxed me towards him, he caught me in his arms and ran. We ran towards the woods. Michonne and Carl were walking back to the house. "Michonne!" I whisper shouted, Michonne turned and ran towards us with Carl, we had a lucky escape.

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