Chapter 27

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Brooke bumps over the rough dirt road in her little green car. She groans when she hits a large hole and bumps the top of her head on the ceiling. Just as she is recovering from that bump her front wheels hit the next one with a thud then groaning of the engine follows. Quickly she applies the breaks and tries putting it in reverse, but it doesn't budge.

After putting it in park she steps out and observes the situation. She doesn't even try to hold back a sigh as she realizes just how stuck she really is. Going down into the hole has suspended her back tires just enough that they can't get traction and the front end is sitting on the bumper.

"Oh the things I love about dirt roads and bug sized cars," she mutters shaking her head. Poking her head back in the car she kills the engine and takes her phone out. "Of course! No service, and I have no idea how far or which direction Gary's house is."

Looking around she spots a little hill not far off. With nothing, but a little body fat to loose she slides a cap over her hair and starts off across the pasture. A smile slips on her lips as she thinks about just what she is doing. In yoga pants, an over sized tee shirt, freshly washed hair, ball cap, and tennis shoes she, Brooke Kendall, is blazing through tall dry grass and bushes.

Before long she finds herself on top of the small hill. With hope rising in her she holds her phone out and sends it searching for service. Thirty seconds later it says, yet again, 'no service'. She groans and shakes her head.

Her heart sinks as she looks around and sees absolutely nothing except more trees, grass and dirt. She has no idea even what general direction Gary's house is let alone how far. Yes, quite a predicament she finds herself in.

Not far from her is a fallen tree, so she makes her way over to it. Perched on it she catches her breath while trying to think of what her next move. She is lost in thought when the grass and brush begin to rattle behind her. Turning and jumping her heart is in her throat as she spots the source. A mangy tannish coyote. They make eye contact and it tucks tail and runs in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes her nerves calm and she is able to once again stare off into the distance. She has to admit if she is going to be stuck anywhere this place isn't exactly hard to look at. Sure, it is in need of rain, but there is just something appealing about it. Besides, the most of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma are in a drought, so there comes a point where you are almost used to it.

The wind picks up a bit moving the tree and grass. She turns around and and the sight is one that makes her suck in a breath. A big bay horse with long flowy mane stands ten to fifteen yards away. Her gaze follows the reins from the shank of the bit down by his shoulder and into a rough tanned hand. She isn't sure if she should let a smile beam or try to figure it just what is going on as her eyes travel up the cotton clothed arm and to the dancing eyes of none other than Gary Maxwell.

Standing she places one leg and then the other over the log and takes a few steps towards him. By now her smile is beaming; as is his.

"What's the matter darling, these wild west adventures got you thinking I'm a ghost?"

That girlish giggle, that she has a love hate relationship with, comes bubbling from inside her. "I think dream is a more fitting word. So, do you frequently have visitors who get stuck and come up here to see about finding cell service?"

Now she is within his arms reach and he pulls her close to him. "You wouldn't be jealous would you?"

She rubs her hand up and down the horse's sweaty forehead. "And what would you do if I was?"

He smirks. "Ah, see that is a thing that is not shareable. Maybe one of these days you will get to see it." As he says it he winks her way. "Now then, I have assessed the car issue. When we get back to the house I'll get the tractor and get it out no problem, but for now this ole boy will be your means of transportation," as he says it he pats the horses neck.

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