The Attack

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I stumbled back a bit at the sight of them before looking behind me. As I had already known there were even wolves behind us, we were surrounded.
The red head stood in front of me in a defensive stance and the Alpha stood where he had been before. I didn't know what to do, I'd never run into any rouges before, strange as it sounds. But the only fighting knowledge I had was what my dad taught me in hunting and sparring. And rouges didn't fight like any other wolf did.
"Take them."
The voice came from one of the wolves who seemed to be in charge, and they attacked.
The Alpha shifted instantly and took down three at a time.
The red head took on two also having shifted and I dove out of the way, rolling to the side.
I bit my lip, grabbing a branch off to the side and watched the wolves fight.
One however tackled me to the side, I hadn't even seen them coming and when I did, I didn't swing fast enough.
They pinned me to a tree trunk with a crack and sent my head spinning. I, now disoriented, dropped the branch I had previously picked up.
My beanie slid off my head from the force of hitting the tree and when my vision had steadied I stared at the wolf on top of me with a gasp.
Our eyes made contact and everything seemed to freeze.
His eyes, were like the spring leaves in the trees when the wind blew softly, his fur was a bright oak color. And his scent, it filled my nose as if intoxicating me, but I felt as though I could bury myself in it completely.
I was cut off by another wolf slamming into us throwing the wolf off of me. I rolled from the force but scrambled back and yanked my beanie over my head while looking at where the wolf had come from.
The alpha stood in the dirt road with a snarl, the rest of the rouges having fled or unconscious. Some of them were even dead.
He had thrown one of the Rouges at the light colored wolf who'd been on top of me and was now glaring at them as he trotted over to me.
I started getting up until he growled at me.
"Stay down."
I frowned up at him but did as he said, reluctantly.
He strode over to the two rouges on the ground before he shifted back and picked up the light colored one who'd been knocked out from the collision. The other, which had been almost black as the night sky, had it's neck snapped.
I had to hold my breath to keep from shuddering at the sight of the dead werewolf, and to keep from reacting to him roughly grabbing the one who was still alive.
"We'll question him about the attack." He told the red head before tossing the wolf to the ground.
The were-vamp boy had also shifted back and picked up the wolf, muzzled him, and slung him over his shoulder.
Jacob then grabbed my upper arm and dragged me to my feet.
"You look shaken." He told me with a light frown, but his expression held anything but concern.
I snorted and brushed myself off.
"I'm fine." I mumbled softly glancing over at the unconscious hound.
"Let's keep moving. We've got a long ways to go."

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