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You walked into the new house that you were to share with your husband, Michael - and your three children, Dani, Madeleine - and Edward. The house that you and Michael had purchased, was beautiful. In fact, the word beautiful would have been an understatement. As your three little angels followed you and Michael, you gasped. The interior was stunning.

"This is beautiful," you whispered as you held onto Michael's hand. "I can't believe this house is ours,"

Since Michael was famous, and frequently chased by the media - the two of you agreed that a secluded residential area would be the way to go. And the house that you had just purchased, fit the criteria perfectly. It wasn't unbelievably expensive - making it the almost perfect home.

All that was left to do was make memories.

Suddenly, you stopped - turning around to face Michael.

"I forgot my wallet in the car," you laughed a little as Michael kissed your cheek. "I'll go and get it,"

You walked out of the house as Michael stayed with the children, cracking jokes here and there. Once you arrived at the car - you opened the door and leaned in to fetch your wallet that was laying on the seat of the car.

Just as you retrieved it, you felt someone pull your hair from behind you. You laughed and straightener up - shutting the door before turning around to see whomever had pulled your hair. Your eyes widened when you saw that no one was there. A frown formed on your face as you walked back to the house.

Inside, Michael and the kids were already seated in the living room. Michael looked up at you and smiled, only to frown when he saw your troubled expression.

He stood up and walked over to you. "What's wrong?"

"I...I felt someone pull my hair..when I was at the car. Was it you?"

Michael shook his head. "No,"

Your blood ran cold as you saw a figure pass behind him. After that, you collapsed - and everything went black.

This is from a book of mine that I had previously unpublished.
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