"Master Wayne!" I woke up from the sound of Alfred calling my name from down the hall.

"Yeah?" I answered, tangled within my covers.

"Wake up! You have a business meeting to go to!" He entered my room with a tray full of food. I rubbed my eyes and slid out of bed. Alfred exited the room and I took a sip of the coffee he left me. I walked into the closet and pulled out my nicest suit. After I was dressed and finished eating, I strolled downstairs to the garage.

"Bye Alfred!" I got into my Bentley and started the motor. I backed out of the garage and drove off.

Once I arrived at Wayne Enterprises, I met up with Mr. Fox.

"How have you been Bruce?" He greeted.

"Could be better." I replied, a soft chuckle along with my words. He laughed with me as we entered the meeting room. There was a beautiful woman standing at the other end of the table. She wasn't very tall and she had long dark hair.

"Mr. Wayne, it's so nice to meet you." She greeted with a handshake.

"This is our new intern, Emily. She'll be here for the next year." Mr. Fox explained.

"Nice to meet you Emily." I greeted. She smiled. I took my seat and unbuttoned my jacket.

After the meeting, I went up to Emily's desk to talk to her. "I thought I would come over here and tell you how happy I am to have you working for us." I greeted.

She glanced up at me and smiled. "I'm very happy to be working for you Mr. Wayne." She replied.

"Are you hungry? Maybe we can go grab some lunch." I offered.

"Oh that's very nice of you but I better get back to work." She looked back down at her desk and shuffled some papers together.

"Come on, I can get you out of that." I held my hand out. She glanced back up and took the hand. She stood up and I led her to the door.

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked.

"Surprise me." She chuckled. I grinned as we stepped out of the elevator. We walked out to the car and I opened the driver door. "What?" I glanced back at her and laughed when I saw her face.

"This is your car?" She was starstruck. I nodded. "Wow." She gazed at it, her green eyes wide open. She walked around to the passenger side and hopped in.

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