Some things are hard to swallow

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<3 Hey. Sorry for the long wait. I ended up being away a lot longer than I planned. :(

So why dont we pick up from where we left off...

Iris is struggling with her "slightly" twisted feelings of love, fear, doubt, and hate mixed in with the raw attraction she feels towards Mr Assassin aka Bryan. They had a hot steamy time in the ocean and then continued with more hot steamy time on the beach. Iris was struggling a bit with comming to terms with the fact that Bryan was forcing her to take a more active role in their love making/fucking/fornicating/basicly that he made her ride his cock like there was no tomorrow instead of letting him do her. They washed themselves in the ocean after fucking, then dried themselves, put on some clothes and then...


"Lets eat." I stared into his smiling face and joined him on the blanket he had layed out.

I stared open mouthed at the feast he had spreadout before me, my mind was so filled with warm wonder that I almost didnt notice the voices trailing out through the dense forest to my left.Someone was comming, several someones by the sounds of it. I turned my head towards the sounds, my heart leaping in my chest as I took in the three massive forms emerging from the sea of green leaves. This might just be my chance, my chance of freedom. My golden ticket away from the monster which had stolen my heart, a ticket served on a silver platter. I stared at the three muscular men before me, and opened my mouth to call out.

"I wouldnt do that love."


"I wouldnt do that love."

The chill in his voice washed over me, freezing my body in place, thus leaving my mouth open like a fish out of water. The harsh beating of my heart threatened to drown out the sound of the waves that where crashing up on the shore. My wide eyes sought out Bryans cold hardened ones.

"I.." The soft sound barely passed my lips before his velvet voice cut me off.

"I would hate for your heart to be burdened by these mens unnecessary demise love. Because one more word out of your pretty little mouth will compel me slaughter them before they even get a chance to react to whats happening."

I nodded my head numbly as I watched him cut a piece of ham with an awfully familiar knife. He then proceeded to meticulously deposit the meat alongside the other items on my plate. The irony that the knife resting firmly in his grip was the very knife I had tried to slash his throat with earlier was not lost on me. It was the giant knife he had embedded in the floor next to my head, the knife he had robbed me off as he took me down without even breaking a sweat. I had tried to attack him when he had not expected it, and he had still reacted so perfect, so terrifyingly deadly, almost as if it all was choreograped. The possibly of impending bloodshed would not come as a surprise to him, but it would come as a surprise to the three unsuspecting men. They were just here to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, he was a trained assassin ready to kill at the drop of a pin. Heck he would probably enjoy slashing them open. I swallowed, my throat felt thick, dry, constricted.

My eyes wandered from Bryans cold dead eyes and over to the three muscled jocks comming our way. They were big, looked capable, strong, but would they really stand a chance against him? Was I willing to bet their lives on it?

"Eat" The word stabbed at me, and dragged me out of my reverie.

My eyes flew back to the monster in front of me. My gaze locked on to his cold, uncaring eyes for several heartbeats before they trailed down his neck, along his arm, his hand, all the way up to the tip of the knife he used to point at my plate. I reached out with a shaking hand and grasped the plate before me, hurriedly digging into the food, occupying my hands and mind with the simple task of eating. I held my head lowered as I ate, my ears straining to hear the guys as they walked by.

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