♡Believe|Part Five♡

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You pulled away from Michael as you heard your mother's footsteps coming closer. You got ready to shut the door when your mother spoke.

"(Y/N)?" she spoke from the staircase. "Is someone down there with you? I heard voices,"

Michael took your hand and squeezed it. You bit your lip and shook your head. "No, mom - that's my phone,"

"Okay," she sighed.

"Uh...mom?" you called.


"Can I go out for a walk?"

Your mother stayed silent for a full minute before she said yes. You smiled and turned around, walking out of the house - being sure to shut the door behind you.

"Walk with me," you looked at Michael as he put the mask back over his face. The two of you walked, and despite the fact that the sun was out - the day was pretty cold. "So..."

"So," he laughed a little. "That kiss,"

You blushed and shook your head. "It just happened," you laughed. "But....I...I don't regret it," you stopped, looking at Michael. Despite the fact that his face was covered with the mask, you could tell that he was smiling. "I've loved you my entire life, and I know that I shouldn't have walked out on you like that...but...I was scared,"

"I understand," he chuckled a little. "After all, I am much older than you. Unbelievably older," he sighed.

"But I still love you," you chuckled as well, making Michael take your hand in his.

"I....I...want to be with you," he said shyly. "And I know that this whole situation is scary, but I do love you - as unreal as it may sound,"

Your eyes widened, and your heart fluttered. Was he really asking what you thought he was asking?

"You want us...to be together?"

"When you're of age, of course," he lowered his head. "Great, now I really feel like a pedophile,"

"Hey," you brought your hand up to caress his face. "Stop thinking like that. You're not a pedophile. "And I'd love to be with you, I've practically dreamed about it all my life," you giggled. "But before that, I need to tell my mother. She can't be in the dark about this,"

"Especially because we'd be living in seclusion,"

"Exactly. I need to talk to her as soon as possible,"

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