Chapter 12: The Woman Named Claire

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Perrie sat there frozen in place. After Sherlock's statement, she was sure that this man was determined to know something and even only the thought of that scared her. John switched his looks between Perrie and Sherlock confused on why he was included in this, but that question of his was quickly answered.
'If you are perhaps wondering why you are here John is because I want you to know that the girl who lives above us isn't a threat by revealing her honesty.' Sherlock explains his hands on his lips as if on a prayer still not looking at John. John closed his lips together still unsure of what to say. 'Ok.' He said just to reduce the tension.

'Well, then Ms Howard. Would you mind starting because I am wasting enough time just for this.' Sherlock retorts making John and Perrie frown upon him as they disliked his insulting plead. Perrie took a long deep breath before having the last thought.
"What's the point in hiding anyway?" She thought before looking at the expectant Sherlock and started talking.

'As I said, I have always been the odd one out. My family was just like everyone else, but we were wealthier than others. My dad was a businessman and my mom is a doctor, in fact, she taught me everything I know about diseases and all that, without studying in medical school.' She pauses for a moment now unsure of her decision as the boys waited patiently. She continued anyway. 'Once I turned 18 I knew that I didn't want to be with them, especially with my brothers. They would also poke fun at me, calling me different names, and even hurting me. So I decided to leave. I considered myself an orphan because I had nothing. I lived on a small allowance of £500 a month. It wasn't even enough to pay for my rent, but I was good.' She pauses again but his time, Sherlock looked at her as if the time slowed down. He then closed his eyes for a moment, and once he opened them something incredible happened.

He looked at Perrie with a glint of shock bordering curiosity on his eyes. Perrie sat there being unable to continue due to the very uncomfortable stare Sherlock was giving her. Sherlock, on the other hand, continued because what he saw was somewhat incredible. She's letting her guard down he thought as his vision of Perrie was filled with words that described her.

Father's girl
High profile agent
Has a lot of lost connections.

He was able to give certain deductions even if it wasn't much, but he liked it.
'Sorry, continue.' Sherlock says to prevent Perrie from noticing him.

Perrie clears her throat before continuing her statement.
'One day, I- I came past a crime scene. I approached as many police officers surround it. I kept hearing car crash as the main motive, but I thought otherwise. So, I did my usual thing, I deduced. Funny enough, it wasn't a crash, in fact, it was an inside job, so I approached an officer. They told me it was just plain ridiculous, so, I left.
The next day M15 agents were at my doorstep talking to me about it. That's how I got my job. I trained for two years before my boss started to bring me to missions. 10 successful missions in a year, I was in front of the spotlight in the agency. The next year I was then put into a team, Mycroft leads it as he was part of its arrangement. And that's when everything started to change.' She paused as she chuckles taking a long and nervous breath.

'Ok, so you solved a case, then you got the job? Wa-was it that easy?' John asks curiously. 'In a nutshell, yes, but it would take days before I could tell you the whole story.' Perrie replies. 'Right.' John replies as he furrows his brows. Perrie clears her throat again and began. 'We all had code names: Tigress for example. They named me Tigress. Others were Armadillo, Uakari, Narwhal, and Termite, thus making T.A.U.N.T.' She chokes on her words as she remembered everything.

'I was their alpha as I said before, I am the antenna from the HQ, and I respond to missions. They all have their faith in me, too much that they asked me to be a part if an ultra-secret cyber operation. It was even more important than the secret team. We worked on it for 4 years, and when it was finished, we called it Napoleon. But then after that, it all started falling apart, and I am afraid I have told you how.' Perrie said sounding as if she ended it there, which she wished John would've let her.

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