Chapter 8: Kat

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In any other situation, I'd feel like the sexiest motherfucker in the outfit I was currently wearing.

The dress hugged the curves of my waist as well as the rest of my body. The silk material was gentle to the touch as I ran my hands up and down the short length of the dress. The chill of the room nipped at my bare legs that, due to the heels that had been provided, looked longer than normal. The cut of the dress was flattering in every way but most particularly for my cleavage, which was close to spilling out thanks to the plunging neckline.

And the color- God the color was gorgeous. Red had always been my best color- all different shades of it, too. It reminded me of a sweet, red wine that, if spilled just right across my body would almost mirror the dress I was wearing exactly.

It was a dress that I'd gladly wear outside of my situation in the hopes that it would end up in discarded tatters on the floor of Dominic's bedroom after he'd had his way with it and with me.

There were only a handful of reasons and places I wouldn't want to wear this dress.

This was one of them.

I'd already tried to get out of what they called the 'line up'. All of the girls were already down there and had been waiting for some time since they hadn't opened the doors yet due to my refusal to get ready.

The henchman who'd brought me to Heather's parents made another appearance when he broke into my room, rudely awaking me from my sleep and ordered me to get dressed for the Line up.

I'd tried everything from pretending to be asleep- only to be hoisted out of bed unwillingly, to refusing to change out of my sleep shirt and yoga pants from the day I arrived, only to have him threaten to change me himself.

I didn't know what to do.

I sure as shit wouldn't be forced to have sex with some random stranger during this Line up, but I also didn't want that fucker who'd woken me up undressing me and possibly taking a spin of his own before handing me off to the customers.

Helpless couldn't even begin to describe how I felt as I was walked down the stairs- Well, rather dragged down the stairs as the henchman pulled me from corner to corner with little concern to how hard he was gripping my arm.

I hadn't the time to think through to the next step. Getting dressed and presenting myself was one thing, but how would I get myself out of what came next?

My brain was scrambling and I could feel it working overtime as dampness began to accumulate under my armpits in nervous patches- like my mind was exercising in such excess that my body reacted as if we were in the midst of a full-blown, physical workout.

The nervous sweat increased as the man pulled me closer to our final destination, dripping down the wisps of baby hairs on the back of my neck and sliding in slow lines down the back of my dress.

Maybe if I get sweaty enough, these men might be repulsed enough not to pick me?

It was a last ditch, hopeless thought as the man and I stepped into the foyer of the house where upon arrival, seven different pairs of eyes bounced up and narrowed on me.

Seven different women all dressed alike- dressed like I was. They all watched me just as I watched them. Some of the girls looked kind, some of them looked annoyed, and there was one woman in particular who appeared to be pitying me as I was shoved towards the line of women, stumbling and barely catching myself before I fell in front of the parade of strangers.

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