61. Caught in a Lie

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Song: Lie by Jimin (BTS)

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Song: Lie by Jimin (BTS). Before you ask, yes, I know the meaning behind this song. I would actually love to write a book inspired by his unique struggle. I think it's a story that needs to be heard. Maybe, one day. However, while this topic is different, I felt there were so many similarities to both Lucky and Hycinth given they have just found out their entire lives were a lie. The desolation and heartbreak and hopelessness are real.  ARMY!

Image: Suzuki Gladius (Luca's sexy as fuck ride). Thanks to @alexandra2332 for the awesome suggestion and image!

Chapter dedicated to SheliCard.  THANKS for reading and commenting, my friend.  Smooches!

Chapter 61—Caught in a Lie


The Oracle walked out the door, leaving both Hycinth and me gutted and raw with the truth, utter devastation in her wake.

Unable to make my body move, I slumped in the chair across from Hycinth. Her arms were wrapped around her middle, clutching her belly. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She rocked back and forth. Confusion swirled unchecked in her irises, mirroring mine, trying to wrap her head around the impossible.

But neither of us couldn't any make sense out of what we'd heard.

Nothing made sense anymore...

Lost blue eyes focused on me. "I thought it was about the war, Lucky—the decades-old conflict between our pack and Leander's—it was supposed to be about the war!" Hycinth wailed, gasping for breath. Desperation colored every word. "Not me! Why did they have to kill Leander's mother and your mate because of me?!"

I inhaled slowly and let the breath out. I wasn't sure I could talk about my mate without breaking down into a puddle on the floor, so I focused on the first part of her statement, hoping to undo just a little bit of the damage done, "We don't know for sure they killed Leander's mother because of you," but even as I said it, the words rung hollow.

"You know it's true," Hycinth insisted, twisting her hands together. "It has to be connected. Why else would they have been there?   Why else would they have attacked her...if not an attempt to get to Leander?" Her eyes cut wildly, darting back-and-forth around the room. She was losing control. This revelation was just too much for her. She loved our parents. So had I, with my whole heart...

...but they hadn't loved me.

Not even a little.

They couldn't have...not, and still do what they did.

They stole the most precious gift from me.

My thoughts shifted darker—what kind of death had they given her?   Had it been quick and painless, or had they been ruthless and showed no mercy? I shuddered at the thought. The cold pit in my stomach churned.

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