60. Failed Experiment

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From a box seat above the first base line, Frank watched the travesty play out, culminating in Henry's ejection from the game. In his head, he had played the outcome of this game a dozen times. But even if he had played it a million times, he would have never projected this scenario.

Richard Bell shook his head in disgust. "What a goddamned embarrassment!"

As Henry disappeared into the dugout, a cacophony blared from the crowd. White fans shouting slurs and boos at Henry. Colored folk screaming names and insults at the umpire. Each group trying to holler over the other.

"Your little experiment here seems to be in some distress," Richard said.

Frank felt a vein throbbing in his neck. "It's not an experiment. It's the right thing to do, and it's going to work out fine for everyone."

"No," Richard said. "This is an experiment and a failed one at that. Not to mention a shameful disgrace to Union Steel."

Frank glanced warily around him as the white and black sides of the crowd stopped shouting down to the field and began shouting at each other. He hoped they weren't about to have another riot on their hands.

"You say this is going to work out fine for everyone," Richard said, glaring at his son. "I say you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. If this trouble keeps up, we won't have a team much longer. The fans will stop coming, and we'll have to shut it down for good. So you better get that baboon under control. You –"

Frank interrupted. "Yes, I understand."

Author's Note

Another short and sweet chapter!

I'm really pushing hard to get to Chapter 74 -- give or take a chapter. This will be a huge turning point in the story and will feature a brand new song, professionally sung. This song will debut here. Only on Wattpad. This is one of the few chapters that always brings me real chills just thinking about. Can't wait!

Talk to you soon.

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