Chapter 56: Tamie and Byakuya

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"U... Um, I... I wanted to ask your sword to become a character in my book," Tamie grinned innocently, sweat pouring off her forehead at the same time. 

Byakuya raised an eyebrow and burst out laughing:

"So, what did she say?"

"Hehehe..." Tamie giggled awkwardly and fearfully, apparently surprised that he didn't get mad at her but instead took upon her poor joke. "She said 'yes'".

"Oh, can't be denying her wish then," Byakuya got off her, "Take it... if you can lift it".

Tamie widened eyes - so he gave her the permission?! She tried to lift the sword to prove her worth of taking it, but instantly it outweighed her and brought her down.

"Ah!" she yelled as she fell off, but then landed into two strong arms. She blinked and looked up to meet the blazing light blue eyes charmingly smiling at her, while the black-to-dark-purple bangs and ponytail dropped around her own hair.

 She blinked and looked up to meet the blazing light blue eyes charmingly smiling at her, while the black-to-dark-purple bangs and ponytail dropped around her own hair

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"I think she rather says 'no'," Byakuya laughed and helped her stand back up. He took the sword, sheathed it back in its scabbard, and hung it on his waist.

"I... I am sorry..." Tamie clutched her arm - how foolish of her! She should've known this could happen if she sneaked into his room so out of the blue! But that katana of his was so cool... She too wanted to know swordsmanship - she, as the Writer Class, could later summon a katana and fight like a true warrior, if only she could...

Byakuya chuckled at such a sad face of hers. He rubbed her head kindly as if she were a child:

"It's alright, even though it's a little weird... But I assume you are in love with the Blade Warrior lifestyle since you admire our traditions, country, language, the Code, and katanas so much".

"I... It's true... I do love Blade Warriors. I always dreamed to be able to fight with a sword. I even made one of the faces of my muse a Blade Warrior... I guess it is just a deep childhood dream," she sighed and looked down, "I'm truly sorry..."

Byakuya smiled and put a hand on her shoulder:

"I could teach you if you want".

Tamie gasped and looked up at him in shock - he really meant it?! The young man gifted her playful wink. She brightened:

"Ah, it would be wonderful! Thank you so much!" she dashed at him and hugged him tightly. Then she widened eyes as she realized what she was doing, and got off him, blushing even more: "I... I'm sorry..."

Byakuya chuckled again and hugged her himself:

"I do love hugs".

Tamie blushed up, getting pressed to the young man's chest. She beamed and embraced him:

"I'm glad you do..."

Thus, the two decided to train in swordsmanship. 

"Oh, but one thing - don't tell Kokuyo, or he will kill you with his training harshness," Byakuya laughed.

"Haha! Okay, I won't".

They soon went into the garden and Tamie summoned a sword from her scroll. Byakuya began training her - he taught her basic moves and then more complicated ones. They sparred against each other in the yard of the Rose Cruce Order building. Tamie would often giggle when she fell or failed to perform the move rightly. Byakuya turned out a mild teacher - he corrected her mistakes calmly and showed her by his own example. Soon Tamie got to know more about the sword arts, and furthermore, the theory as well - Byakuya talked to her about their mythology, traditions, and, of course, the Code she admired so much.

Tamie talked a lot to Kokuyo about the Code too and wrote notes down, and gradually, her muse's movements improved too in the story - he became more and more realistic. But another significant thing happened to him as well - the character of Byakuya Ikemoto, Tamie's muse, began taking up some of Byakuya von Drachen's features, regarding his height and body. She even gave him that burn-mark Byakuya had - the hereditary mark of the von Drachen Clan. So to her muse in the dream world, it became clear that the girl had finally chosen a man to lay her eyes on. It got Kokujin quite worked up - he understood that soon the time would draw near for him to emerge and have an important talk with this Byakuya von Drachen whom Tamie grew to admire so greatly...

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