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Juvia left the house early in the morning leaving Gray alone in his bed.

"Juvia will be right back, Gray-sama.." Juvia said as she went through the woods.
She wore a light dress with her hair down.

"Man.. if only I can talk in first person towards people.. I wouldn't have to keep saying Juvia this Juvia that.." Juvia said to herself as she sat on a rock looking at the crystal water.

She took some rocks and made them skip. There wasn't any fish in the lake apparently. So she walked to the middle of the lake. It wasn't deep, it was up to her waist.

"This will calm me down.."
Juvia said to herself.

She brought her left arm up making water go up. She then brought her right arm up doing the same thing. Then she made the water spin and rain down. She smiled and started to giggle.

"I miss doing this.." she did it again.

"Beautiful thing you made there." She jumped as all the water splashed everywhere.
"Sorry to scare you."

Juvia sat on the rock as Lyon sat on the one next to her.
Juvia looked down and skipped rocks. Usually she would run away from Lyon, but Lyon has been good friend to her so she couldn't do that anymore.

"You usually come here when something is troubling you. What's wrong?" She clutched her dress. His eyes flew wide open.

"Are you okay?!" He stood up. She smiled.

"Yeah.. there isn't anything bothering Juvia. Juvia just wanted to cool off right now.."

"From Gray?" She looked up.
"What are you talking about J-" she sighed. "Yeah.." she continued.

"You think I haven't been noticing the bruises you have on your body? I know he isn't doing it on purpose, but you need to tell him he's been hurting you." Lyon said. Juvia stood up. "Juvia does not blame him. She is fine." She started walking.

"Juvia, I'm here if anything, okay?" Juvia nodded. She walked home. She eventually got home and opened the door.

"Juvia is home." Juvia said. No one answered. She sighed. She started cleaning up the place.
She started the dishes. She carefully washed the plates trying not to cut herself. She knew that she can make her body turn into water, but physical attacks can do damage if she didn't turn into water on time. She peacefully washed the dishes until she began thinking of her father.

Father.. please don't tell me you are coming.. If you are, do not hurt my friends in any way. Take it all out on me if you want, do not hurt them.
She was deep in her thoughts as she didn't even realize the door opened.

"Oh you're here, I thou-" She dropped a plate. "-ght you were at the guild. They're looking for you, you know?"
She heard Gray's voice.

"Ah~ Gray-sama you're home." She smiled at him. "Welcome!" She quickly started cleaning the mess she made. "Juvia,are you o-" he placed his hand on her shoulder as she jumped at his touch. "kay.."

She stopped cleaning. She looked up and smiled. "Yeah, why wouldn't Juvia be?" She got up and threw the broken glass out.

She jumped at my touch.. Is she afraid of me? Gray was confused. She went back to finishing the dishes. "All~ done~ okay. Gray-sama Juvia is going to take a nap. She will meet you at the guild later."

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