Character List (A Short Reminder)

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(†) means deceased at the start of The Midnight Storm.

In Sundale

Sebastian, boy of eleven, son of Lord Brandon of Laneby (†) and Lady Karen (†), heir to the Greenlander throne. Brother to Emily (†) and Lucy (†)

King Thomas, man of thirty-six, son of King William (†) and Queen Ophelia (†), Brother to Brandon, half deaf.

Queen Crystal, woman of forty-two, daughter of King Alder of Ice and Queen Feline. Sister to Storm, River and Ivy.

Princess Alana, girl of fourteen, daughter of King Thomas and Queen Crystal, nicknamed Lana by close relatives and friends.

Captain Jonathan, man in his late fifties, Captain of the Sundale army, has a maid called Mary and a granddaughter called Isabelle who lives in Eastpond.

Captain Oswald, man in his thirties, Captain of the Port of Diligence army, temporarily substituting General George and Captain Jonathan who are otherwise engaged.

Lieutenant Stephen, man in his early twenties, lieutenant of the 2nd junior legion, royal guard.

Lieutentant Peter, man in his late twenties, royal guard.

Lieutenant Patrick, man in his thirties, royal guard.

Lieutenant Michael, man in his thirties, royal guard.

Healer Mark, man in his eighties, ex-court physician.

Healer Ed, man in his late thirties, court physician (specialised in army wounds).

Lady Victoria, woman in her early seventies, etiquette teacher, lives in Eastpond.

Lady Viviane, woman in her twenties, chamberlady.

Evelyn, girl of twelve, serving girl, nicknamed Pale Rabbit.

Master Richard, man in his forties, Stable Master, nicknamed ol' Dicky.

Master Paul, man in his thirties, Sword Master, old army friend of King Thomas.

Serjeant Bart, man of seventeen, head of the 17th patrol.

Serjeant Jasper, man of eighteen, assistant-leader of the 17th patrol, has Jade-Islandic roots.

Cadet Vic, boy of twelve, cadet of the 17th patrol.

Soldier Sam, man of sixteen, soldier of the 17th patrol.

Soldier Eric, boy of fourteen, soldier of the 17th patrol.

Soldier Dan, boy of thirteen, soldier of the 17th patrol.

In between Sundale and the Horseshoe Mountains

General George, man of thirty-nine, head of the Greenlander army, widowed.

Nick, boy of eleven, son of Frederic of Laneby  (†) and Jillian  (†). Brother to George  (†) and Abby  (†), cadet of the 17th patrol.

In the Port of Dilligence

Alex, girl of thirteen, daughter of Vanya of Hamra  (†) and Eleonore (†). Sister to Ben (†) and Charlie  (†)

Lord Simon, man in his forties, Lord of the Port of Diligence.

Billy, white stallion, Nick's most treasured possession, loves stories and apples.

In Moondale

Fox, boy of ten, son of Harald of Laneby  (†) and Rose  (†). Brother to Amy  (†), Fire Magician, claimed to be Lord Brandon's bastard, actually called Henry but always referred to by his nickname.

Katla, man of thirty-three, Fire Magician, Jade Islander, widower of Cinder  (†) and father to Micah  (†), Fox's Master, had a previous apprentice, Hunter (†)

Hawk, woman in her late twenties, Water Magician, Grand Master of the Mage Council, the only woman in the five kingdoms to control all four elements.

Doe, woman in her sixties, owner of The Antler, dubbed mother of all Moondalers due to her kind nature.

Badger, woman in her early thirties, Earth Magician, lives in Starford, but frequently visits Moondale for council meetings.

Fawn, girl of nine, Earth Magician, apprentice of Badger.

King Ariel, man of forty, King of Silvermark, brother to Caracal, married to Queen Cobra, father to Panthera (†), Felix, and Lycaon.

Queen Cobra, woman of twenty-nine.

Felix, boy of nine, Crown Prince of Silvermark, sickly child suffering from the side-effects of poison.

Lycaon, boy of six, bastard, always referred to as Wolf. Mother unknown.

Leo, man in his thirties, officer in Moondale's army, cousin to King Ariel and one of his most trusted advisors.

Phoenix, man of twenty, soldier in  Moondale's army, assistant of Leo, frequent visitor of The Antler.

Corbin, man in his forties, blacksmith

Falcon, man in his fifties, Air Magician, has an enormous scar on his face, Ratcatcher.

Lynx, man in his sixties, clothes merchant, owns a store called Lynx' Linnen.

Mallard, man in his thirties, marble merchant, killed by Fox  (†)

Pheeew... I feel like G.R.R. Martin junior right now. Who knew my crazy brain has come up with so many characters. I probably forgot some xD

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