Prologue Part 2

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Your POV:

I placed the my thumb on the tip of my chin, making some sort of thinking position. I was retracing my steps from where I woke up, to where I was now.

'C'mon (y/n)... think... was there anyone else on the second floor?' I thought.

Rantaro's POV:

I looked at (y/n). She looked like she was lost in thought about something. It seemed like she was trying to remember something.

"(y/n). Whatcha thinking about?" I asked, trying to get her attention.

When I said that, she seemed to jump a little, snapping out of her trance. I thought it was kinda cute. There was no way I was going to tell her that though.

"I was just trying to remember if there was anyone else on the second floor," she replied.
"If you're so concerned about it, then why don't we go check the second floor," I recommended.

She didn't say anything after that. She gave me a solid nod though. I started walking to the direction of the staircase to the second floor. She followed behind me, not saying a word the entire time.

We got to the second floor. I noticed there was someone up there. It was Tsumugi Shirogane, the Ultimate Cosplayer. I've talked to pretty much everyone. Tsumugi was standing near a bronze dragon statue. It seemed like it was missing something.

"So there is someone up here!" (y/n) exclaimed.
"I guess there is," I replied.

I witnessed (y/n) go up near her.

Your POV:

'There is someone up here!' I thought.

I approached the girl. She had long curly blue hair. The shade of blue was almost that of a dark turquoise. Her eyes were a nice shade of gray. She wore glasses. She had some sort of black school uniform jacket on. She had a white and black school dress underneath it. The white went to her sleeves to under her bust. The black went from where the white ended, to the bottom of the dress. She had an orange bow on her neck collar. She had long black socks, and black school dress shoes on. She seemed to be lost in thought.

"Umm..." she said.
"Hey, you're an Ultimate student, right? Can we talk—" I said, being interrupted.
"Ummmn..." the girl replied.

I looked at her. She still was lost in thought. This put one bold thought through my head.

'Hm? Did she not hear me? Ok, then...' I thought.

"Heeey! Hellooooo!" I shouted, trying to get her attention.
"Ummmmmm..." the girl replied once again.
"What? She still can't hear me? Maybe she's a really detailed mannequin?" I said in confusion.

Rantaro let out a slight chuckle. It's like he found this amusing.

"Aah, haha that is definitely no mannequin," Rantaro told me.

I decided to take the next course of action. I poked her shoulder.

"Umm.." the girl once again said.
"Poking her doesn't work either? Then...maybe she is just a doll." I said seriously.

Rantaro started chuckling again.

"She isn't a doll." Rantaro told me.

I then poked her other shoulder to see if I'd get a reaction.

"I never thought I'd be poked from both sides. How truly unexpected," the girl said.
"So she wasn't a mannequin. I knew that," I said.
"Obviously not since you thought she was a doll," Rantaro replied.
"Because she wasn't responding," I said.

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