Authors Note

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Before we get started I just wanted to say THANKS YOU to everyone who took the time to read this book. Please vote and comment as much as possible! Every vote and comment pushes this book further up the rankings so more people can see it! Plus I would love to hear what you like about the story!

PLEASE DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT GRAMMAR!!! I do a quick edit, but I don't do a thorough look-through for all errors. Im a full time college student working to maintain my 4.0, so that is and always will be my main focus. I simply don't have the time while in school to edit that much. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but thank you for understanding.

THIS IS THE FIRST STORY I HAVE WRITTEN!   The plot isn't perfect, I'm learning as I go and having fun with it. I don't have an issue with pointing out plot holes, it's actually extreamly helpful. Just for the love of God don't mention grammar!

Also, THIS BOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEXUAL DEPICTIONS! There are NO warnings above chapters, THIS is the warning. If you are uncomfortable with that kind of sexual content then please don't read this book. If you are okay, then please enjoy, and try not to get too wet;)


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