The Cave (Captain Cadaver-Winner)

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"Greetings, Mr. Mitz's class, and welcome to Mystery Cave," said the early 30s man in a monotone voice. "My name is Caver Tee...uh, Tony. Today, we will be exploring the wonders of Mystery Cave."

"Man, what a snooze fest," said Mason. He removed his glasses and wiped them before replacing them. Mason and my friendship began once someone pointed out how much we looked alike. At first, people thought we were twins. We have the same complexion, eye color, hair color, build, and height. We both wear thick, black glasses. It was kind of creepy at first. And the fact his name is Mason and mine is Marty didn't help. The bullies so creatively nicknamed us "M&Ms," but what do you expect from fourth graders.


Everyone began exploring the cave. Aaand...Mason was right: it was boring! He and I joked around a bit until finally we were caught by Tony.

"My friend, Brai...nuh...B and I discovered something really interesting." He winked. "Unless you think it's too dull."

Of course that was enough to draw us in.

Tony took us to another section of the cave. He told us not many people have been in this area: only him, B, and his friend Joe...and B's Jack Russell Terrier who seemed terrified of the place.

Tony's amazing find was a hole in the wall. But oddly, it looked just the right size for Mason and me to enter.

"You want to check it out?" Tony's tone was increasingly changing from "friendly tour guide" to "taunting teen." Something was seriously wrong, but Mason wanted to go and I didn't want to be left behind.

It was pretty easy to squeeze through; it really was like the hole was made for us. We ended in another chamber and soon Tony led us through another passage.

The blowing wind and rumbling noise was unsettling.

Tony led us to a larger area. I noticed a strange round rock that seemed unnatural.

"Don't mind him." Tony flashed a jokester's smile. "He's just the guard."

"Guard?" I asked. "For what?"

Tony didn't answer, but just led us down a tunnel. Once we exited the tunnel, we came upon an open chamber. Multicolored crystals glowed along the walls.

"Wow," I whispered.

Suddenly, someone grabbed Mason. He wore spectacles and a hood. He held a hatchet to Mason's throat. I took a step forward but a long blade appeared under my chin.

"I wouldn't," said the blade's owner.

It then got mega-weird as a deformed dog and a boy carrying a doll joined us.

"Are you sure he's the One, Ted?" said the man with the blade.

"He fit through the hole, Liu," said "Tony." He addressed me. "Welcome, Marty, Upper-Management's been expecting you."


"Our boss."

The hair on the back of my neck rose. A buzzing assaulted my brain. I could feel a presence behind me. I turned slowly. A tall, slender man with no face dressed in a business suit stood behind me.

Tony...Ted continued. "He'd once been a normal manager at Blue Light Technologies until the day they turned on the Machine. Something happened to many of the employees. Somehow he could now 'glitch' between realms. Thanks to this skill, the Board decided to use him in retrieving the artifacts left behind by BLT. We gather the littered technology used as inciting incidents in many stories...Plot Devices if you will."

The slender man pointed towards an object now rising from the ground. It looked like a mirror. Transfixed, I approached the object. I saw myself, but I was dressed differently.

"But this time," said Ted. "We're hitmen. THEY want you gone. THEY think you'll become more powerful than them and dethrone THEM."

Suddenly, my reflection reached through the mirror and grabbed me. I struggled out of reflex but was quickly pulled in. As I fell through a tunnel, I heard Ted say, "Sorry, Kid, really." He then took what looked like a sledgehammer to the mirror. The tunnel cracked then shattered.


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Entry for the Camp Nightmare "Captain Cadaver" prompt

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