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Bonus #4 || Ink

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Sweet Pea walked into the only tattoo shop on the South Side, which was Serpent owned, keen for a new piece. Immediately a bleach blonde head of hair caught his eye, and he focused on Fallon sitting on a tattoo chair.

He coughed slightly as he noticed her absence of both a shirt and a bra, earbuds in her ears and a soft blanket up over her chest and the lower half of her face. Her eyes were shut. Sweet Pea walked over to her, their friend and one of the Graves brothers blasting her back, swirls of ink engraved into her skin.

"Hey, Dev," Sweet Pea grinned, "Whatcha workin' on?"

Devereaux looked up, a smile on his face. "Seventh session, and I've never seen anything like it. She's a badass, man. Fogarty sits like a fucking rock."

Sweet Pea gaped at the art on Fallon's back, the black and grey style artwork startlingly realistic. Staring up at him was a lion, it's mane swirling and lush. It's face wasn't roaring or angry, but rather wise and quiet. Above it in heavy rich black script was the word "INVICTUS", and below it "MANEO".

The art started at the top of her back and shoulders and ended just below the arch of her back.

"What does it mean?" He wondered out loud, and grinned when Fallon answered. "Invictus Maneo means Unconquerable Spirit in Latin. The lion stands for courage."

"It looks dope as hell. Dev's doing a great job." Sweet Pea smiled. Fallon let out a tiny sigh, obviously in a zen-d out state of mind, the pain dulled by her concentration. Sweet Pea watched as beads of blood and ink were wiped away with each line and shade, Dev's black gloves shiny with the stuff.

"How much longer?" He asked, and Dev shrugged. "Thirty or so minutes. She's been here for seven hours."

"Christ." Sweet Pea muttered as he shrugged off his jacket and sat down at the station next to Dev's, Dixie setting up her stuff for Sweet Pea's new tattoo. Dixie Davenport was a sassy but little southern lady, weighing in at a tiny 103 pounds. Her wild chestnut hair was tied up in a cascade of waves at the crown of her head, her cognac eyes glittering as she started to freehand a design in sharpie on his bicep.

"Tell me whatcha think, sugar." She drawled, and he shrugged. "You know I trust you, D. You always do the best work."

"Oh, now you're butterin' me up, boy." She grumbled jokingly, finishing up the drawing, which was just a black and grey rose.

He closed his eyes, feeling the familiar sting of the needles and hearing the buzz of the machine.

He zoned out of the shop, letting the pain dull to a quiet throb as he breathed.

"Okay, Sweets," Dixie said an eternity later, swiping balm over his new ink, "you're done." He opened his eyes to see a perfect rose, and Dev finishing Fallon's tattoo as well.

"Thanks, Dixie. It looks great." He grinned, making Dixie smile. "My pleasure, honey. I'll bill ya later."

Sweet Pea looked over to see a now coherent Fallon inspecting her back in the mirror, Dev looking on. "Well?" He asked, making the blonde grin. "You did one hell of a job. Thanks for blasting the fuck out of my back, Dev. You're the man."

Devereaux smiled, wrapping her back and handing her her shirt.

"What did you get, Sweets?" She said as she walked over to him, pulling the shirt over her head. "A rose," He said. "Dixie does good flowers."

"True that." Fallon said approvingly, and winced slightly as she pulled on her jacket. "Dev killed me today. I'm gonna be hating it for awhile."

"I saw that. He said nobody else sits as well as you do, princess."

"Duh," Fallon grinned jokingly.

"You wanna go to Pop's?" He asked after a moment, and to his relief, the Serpent princess smiled. "Only if you're buying."

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