39| Love Bites.

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39| Love Bites .

*mature scene in this chapter, skip if you don't want to read it its not that bad , it's after the first '-'*

Luke didn't want to wake everyone in the McCain household up by knocking on the door, so the next best thing was going back to 90's romance movies and throw pebbles at her window.

The problem with this was;

A) Luke didn't know which room Annie's was.
B) He didn't want to break her window if he threw one to hard.
C) There weren't any pebbles in her garden.

He glanced around the area, looking to find a way to get to his girl without disturbing the whole neighbourhood full of rich people.

Huffing he dug out his phone, going to Annie's contact and smiling at the picture before calling her, hoping she wasn't in a deep sleep yet.

"Hi," she started, her voice high pitched and a little croaky, letting Luke know he did wake her up. "What's up?"

"Which room is yours? Like, if I'm looking at your house from the front where's your window?" He muttered, whispering a little bit as he went to stand at the front of her house.

"Um, if you go round the back through the gate it's the room on the right... why?" Before Luke gave her an answer he hung up, feeling terrible for doing so but he had to.

Following her instructions he saw the room on the right had its light on, all the rest dark with sleep. Her curtains pulled back and she looked down to Luke, rubbing her eyes as a lazy smile pulled on her lips.

"Wait, go back to bed, this was supposed to be a lot more romantic I just didn't know which room was yours," he whisper-shouted, smirking as his girl giggled and shook her head. "Love you!" He finished as she closed her curtains and turned the lights off.

The window was still open, she could still hear him in the dead of the night, but she listened to his command and lay back on her bed, waiting excitedly for what he was going to do.

Luke rummaged around her garden, not finding pebbles but finding sticks which was actually better as they wouldn't mark her window.

Throwing a few up, he watched amusedly as they hit the window then fell the the ground, the action being repeated for about five minutes with no outcome.

"Babe you're supposed to come to the window now." Luke spoke up, throwing his last stick before he'd have to collect them all again.

Her lights switched on and her curtains drew back, a wide humorous smile on her lips as she leaned on her window ledge, watching the boy with love in her eyes.

"What are you doing?" She spoke in an exaggerated American accent, since she had an English one it was very amusing to her.

"What?" Luke laughed, confused at to what she was doing.

"I thought we were reenacting an American Teen movie, no?" She questioned, her head tilting to the side and her hair falling half over her face. She blew it out the way, a cute little gesture which Luke adored to watch.

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