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            Noah took a cautious step into the half-full classroom, glancing around carefully

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Noah took a cautious step into the half-full classroom, glancing around carefully. He couldn't feel anything out of the ordinary, but lately his own senses seemed to be betraying him so he kept his guard up.

All around, there were scattered, unpleasant expressions of hatred, yet he moved into the room anyways, not making eye contact with anyone in case anyone was particularly confrontational in here. One of the passer-by demons growled under their breath, but Noah didn't even flinch. He was certain that their rage wasn't as potent and over-whelming as that of the crowd outside. And if they were, then it was clear they were still more afraid of breaking the rules than they hated him.

That was somewhat comforting, as pathetic as it was.

"It's that bastard," a disembodied voice murmured. Noah turned to find the owner of the voice but it was lost in the sea of passing demons. He opened his mouth, flirting with the idea of shooting back a witty reply. He didn't though, knowing it would only cause a commotion.

"Are we really going to let him stay here?'

Noah didn't react to this comment, although he noticed Bryce's behavior switch as soon as that first voice spoke up. The demon's hand settled on his weapon as if he would shoot whoever had spoken. The young archer chuckled under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief.

Bryce's behavior was as confusing as his ideals. One moment he seemed so uncaring, yet there were bursts of moments where he seemed completely devoted to his job.

Noah settled for a nod of his head, signaling for Bryce to refrain from saying anything as well before entering the classroom.

He noticed her right away. She was standing behind her desk, watching him cautiously. She was an older demon with a stern expression and long light brown hair that she had pulled into a tight bun.

"Hello, I'm—"

"The human, of course, take a seat in the back row," The teacher announced with a clear monotonous voice. "Welcome to my class, I suppose."

The human lowered his gaze, staring at the nameplate on her desk. She went by the name of Mrs. Jensen.

Noah nodded, taking a step back and glancing around the different deadly glares, trying to. He found a few empty seats in the back row, which wasn't at all surprising. He sat in the seat that was farthest away from the students, sighing as he realized that even the teacher was looking at him with disgust.

He leaned his bow against the wall, turning to see if he could find a single friendly face.

It wasn't that simple, though.

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