Chapter 55: Byakuya von Drachen

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"Yes, I successfully got in... Yes, I'm close to her now. She is already a Grandmaster... No, she raised just some levels this time..."

In a dark room, there was a tall man dressed in a purple kimono lying on the bed. He had a long black-to-dark-purple hair tied in a ponytail, two bangs framing his face from both sides. His eyes shone light blue and sparkled with triumph as he talked to someone over the Star-gadget attached to his arm. It was Byakuya, and he seemed in an unusually good mood.

"Heh, who else do you think it was? I led them to Erik's trail

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"Heh, who else do you think it was? I led them to Erik's trail... No, Debbie, I didn't want those two cousins of mine to interfere with my business. After all, they were a Leo and a Libra - if they ever joined forces as they had planned to, they'd be nearly invincible. Yeah, I get that... Listen, she hasn't unlocked her spirit yet, so I might need your help. You know how crucial this mission is, right? I must become free. I shall do anything to achieve that goal. I'm counting on you".

Now, a woman's voice sounded through the Star-gadget:

"Yes, my lord".

"Oh, some more news - Matsumoto Kokuyo turned out to be my brother, Kokuyo von Drachen. But I guess it's not a problem, he's a Capricorn, after all. I am happy I won't be lonely..." Byakuya laughed, but this laugh seemed rather gruesome than the usual kind laugh he often had.

"Oh, that's quite some news indeed, my lord!" the woman whom he had called 'Debbie' noted from the Star-gadget. "Well then, I shall continue with my mission. Are you sure that girl will be of use to you?"

"I am completely positive, Debbie. Her brother is a Celestial Lord too, and her muse is already quite powerful... Well, see you later on," he turned the call off. Then he sighed and rubbed his head: "Damn, I'd better go take a bath..." He took his hair-tie off, put his katana on the bed, stepped into the private bathroom and locked the door.

Everything was silent for some minutes, but then, the door of the room creaked and a middle-sized silhouette sneaked in, her ponytail floating in the air as she hastily entered and silently closed the door behind. She eyed the room carefully and, getting sure there was no one, tip-toed towards the bed, her eyes blazing once she saw the precious black-handled katana lying there.

"So dazzling... So beautiful..." she rubbed her hand softly on the sheath of the blade. She gulped and looked around, as if scared whether anybody would see her, and then, getting assured again that there was no threat, she slowly touched the handle of the sword and pulled it out of its scabbard, letting it glitter at a dim light that sneaked in the room from curtained windows. "It is even better when it's unsheathed..." she took the sword out completely, barely lifting it, and stood in front of a mirror, admiring herself with a Blade Warrior's sword, "How cool I'd look as a Blade Warrior..." she winked at her own reflection in the mirror.

Suddenly, she heard how the bathroom door creaked. She started and looked back - not only now! She had barely lifted the sword, how would she be able to put it on the bed in its previous position in time?! But while she was still brooding over the matter, the bathroom door opened and Byakuya walked out with a bare chest and a towel on his neck, wearing only black silken trousers. He had his eyes closed and water droplets which hadn't still dried on his skin sprinkled down his muscles while he was adjusting his long dark hair that dropped all over his shoulders and back. Seeing him in such a form, Tamie's face turned all red. But then, even worse happened - he opened his eyes! Seeing the little girl sneaked into his room, having grabbed his sword without his permission and posing in front of the mirror, he blinked in stupefaction:


"I... I can explain..." the girl muttered and stepped back.

Byakuya confusedly stared at her, but then chuckled with slight pride flickering on his face. He walked up to the tiny maid, touched her chin and raised her head up to meet his eyes, her face growing red like a tomato as the muscled young man's chest came so close to her.

"Okay, I shall be kind today... Let's hear your explanation".

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