Kronos x Rhea

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"Kronos! Come here!" I yelled out, my shout slightly muffled with excitement. The outfit I wore irritated my skin. The material and fabric may have projected my figure perfectly, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless.

Today was our anniversary for when we met for the first time. Smiling, I found myself blushing of how I embarrassed myself long ago when we found out we were mates. How could one abruptly blurt out that her wolf was asking him to fùck her brains out from her uterus?

Sighing, I brushed the lingerie one more time and stood in front of a tall mirror. I had prepared a gift for him, hoping he would like it. The gift was me, after all. Turning slightly around, I examined my backside, chuckling. I had never been so proud of my ass than right now.

It took a few minutes, but my sexy alpha male rumbled, "I'm in the shower, Rhea! Give me a second."

You know, I've always disliked it when people said give them a second or a minute... then in reality, it takes them longer. Always been one of my pet peeves, so I decided to take actions into my own hands.

Getting impatient, I tip toed to our bathroom, giggling mischievously. My heart pounded in anxiousness as well as nervousness, but I wanted to do this.

My heart already belonged to him in the first place.

As I entered our restroom, I could hear him humming a tone of fireflies by OwlCity. It was a song we played before together.

Smiling to myself, I quickly yanked the sliding doors aside. As thudded swiftly to the wall, my eyes were blessed with the beauty of my mate. I breathed in the air of his shampoo and conditioner, along with his intoxicating beneath all those products.

"Hubba, hubba..." I whispered, eyes trailing up and down.

"Rhea! What are you..." he stopped mid-sentence and took in my form. "...doing. R-Rhea, why are you wearing l-lingerie?" He stuttered, having a hard time focusing on anything else but me. In the corner of my eye, I could see his friend twitch, already awakening.

Kronos quickly maneuvered his hands to cover his crouch, embarrassed.

Smirking, Rain and my playful side came out. She wanted to take advantage of this male, who had always been shy when it came to intimidate moments such as these. Our blushing, yet shy mate, kept his eyes glued to the ceiling, hoping this was a dream.

"Did you forget? It's our anniversary." I said, walking to him slowly as I inched closer and closer to him in the shower until his backside touched the wet walls, my breasts finally being pressed against him.

He gasped, looking straight at me now.

Now he knew... this definitely wasn't a dream. Even if it was, I'd make it worth his while.

Turning quickly around, I closed the sliding doors, trapping the both of us inside. Luckily, the tub had more than enough room for some action. Doing another about-face, I met Kronos's heated eyes that seemed to drift up and down my body.

The water poured on the both of us, drenching my lingerie in its wetness.

Forming a plan, I smirked. "... My lingerie is ruined, Kronos. If I keep it on, I'll catch a cold. Could you help me take it off, please?"

His Adam's apple bobbed slowly, as he swallowed in temptation. He knew what I was thinking, what I was plotting but he tried to resist against it.

"W...Why don't you do it yourself?" he whispered lowly, inhaling my scent as I pressed against him even further.

"Mm, you thought I'll be all shy, didn't you? I may be a virgin, Kronos, but I am far from innocent. For example..." I paused, looking down to his big friend, my finger tips trailing down his sculptured chest and around his V-line, "I've always wanted to do this to you."

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