Eyes On Her

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Part 17-

Demi's POV-

Me and Y/N was just chilling and cuddling on the sofa watching my fave show of course csi. After half way through the program, there was a knock at the door, well I say a knock. Whoever it was there didn't stop banging on the door anyways. I give Y/N a scared look..

So she jumped of the sofa, I led over so I can see wha she was doing she was looking through the spy hole then quickly closed the door before opening the front door, that was weird because she never does that but she'll probably doing it for a reason so I didn't bother getting up asking or not. I just carried on watching tv. Then I heard Y/N shout but not loud enough for me to hear what she was saying..

After a while I heard Y/N moan but the moan like where your in pain. I had to check what was going on because there was a few banging and shouting. Then it when quiet. I jumped to my feet, and ran to the door. Opening to see Y/N on the floor with blood all over her.. I got so scared. She looked in so much pain, then i looked at the girl that was stood away from her, she was about 5'9 and wasn't that slim. I looked back down at myself, like how the fuck can I going to take this girl out... I just ran over to her trying my best to push her out of the yard. But didn't work so I punched her about two times, then boom she had me on the floor.

I look to see Y/N trying to pull herself up for the floor she is using the wall to help her, but this girl didn't see her cus she was to bother keeping me to the floor. After Y/N finally get up I just see all this blood on the floor. I let a tear fall down my face, I thought she was going to die. Then out of nowhere she runs over to where I was was kicks this girl to the floor. I was shocked she did that because I never seen this side to her, but I saw the pain in her eyes doing that though. I jumped to my feet hold Y/N I need to get her hospital soon as possible!! She pulled me outta my thought by talking to me,

You-"Demi please do this for me. Call the police please baby I'm begging you!! Just listen to me" you say crying more

Demi-" Y/N I can't look at you, you have lost to much blood. Your face needs seeing too quicking."


Demi cuts you off

Demi-"Y/N.. Behind you..."

Once Y/N hit the floor I though she was dead, more blood coming from behind her head, and leaving a puddle half way down the path. I screamed at the girl started hitting her again. I managed to pull the pole out her hands don't know how but I did. I wish I moved the pole instead if leaving at the bottom of my yard, it's now my fault she's dead... I got pulled out my thoughts when I saw this girl dropped to her knees, infront of Y/N saying she's sorry she didn't want it to end this way. She had tears falling heavy down her cheeks. Saying how much she loved her, and other shit but I wasn't aloud her near my baby, I grabbed her clothes and throwing her to the floor. I sat ontop of her, I heard the police running toward me, so I jumper off her and running to my girl. I wanted to pick her up in my arms I knew that would be a bad idea. I felt a hand on my shoulder I look up to the hand then the face, it was a ambulance lady giving me a wide smile, how the fuck can she give me a smile? My girlfriend is dead. But I knew she was hear to help her make her all better.

I turn to my other side to see a other one but a man, he smiled then asked what happened whilst the lady got closer to Y/N fixing this thingy to her.

Man-" so miss...?"

Demi-" miss lovato, but call me Demi"

Man-" okay Demi, I'm Adam. And that's Mel I just want to run a few things by you so we know what to say once we at the hospital and so we can get our job done here"

Demi-" well hi, Erm, I just know she got blood coming from her head, because she got hit by this pole" you said picking it up

Mel shouts over Adam he runs to her looking at this little box with line in the screen, it's beeping crazy. Mel run to the ambulance getting a big yellow board and the bed in wheels. She places the yellow thing right next to Y/N left hand side. Adam had his hands on Y/N left hand side, on the count of 3 Adam turned her on her right while Mel put the board under her, they both lay Y/N down Adam started looking at the little box things and gives Mel this weird look. They tell me she needs to get to hospital, they quickly put her on the bed and in the back on the ambulance. I don't even bother locking the front door I just get in the van holding Y/N hand, kissing it softly. Telling her to keep fighting. That I love her, the tears kept falling down and down.

Adam-" do you want a tissue miss Lovato?"

Demi-" y-y-yes p-please, is she going to be o-ok-ay?" Said breaking down on the last word

Adam-" here *passes the tissues* listen I would love to say yes, but she is in a pretty bad way right now, so I don't want to get your hopes up miss Lovato"

Few hours later-

Demi been in the waiting room over 3 hours now. She already screamed at the nurses and doctors because they saying they don't know what's going on although they just walked out the room Y/N was is. Through the small glass door window she saw Y/N laying on the bed, all her clothes cut off her. She had wires all over her body. Needles going in and out of her, machines beeping away. Demi hated the sounds of the doctors shouting at each other and hurrying around but Demi walked away and She walks out the hospital to ring her family giving her the news and well she couldn't ring Y/N cus she don't have there number and she haven't got Y/N's phone on her.



*Ring *

Demi-"fuck sake mom pi-"

Dianna-" *cough cough* what's the matter baby?"

Demi-" Y/N is dead or that what I think, I'm at the hospital mom she isn't moving. She dead I know it" she says breaking down again

Dianna-" Demi we are on our way right now, want me to stay on the phone to you?"

Demi-" ok. Mom I'm so scared I can't loose her!! No I'll just wait inside incase they shout my name. But please run my house I didn't lock the door and please pick Y/N phone up I need it. Thank you mom, I love you"

Dianna-"Okay be with you in like 15mins baby girl remember stay strong ok? And no worries I love you too. See you soon"

Demi goes back inside, she quickly swipes her tears aways. Walks up to the desk to see if they have heard anything which they haven't so she went to go sit back down

Doctor-" miss Lovato?"

Demi-" yes doctor??"

Doctor-" maybe you would like to sit down, and let's go to my office were we can talk in private"

He led her to his office and sat down, Demi wasn't sure if she was ready to hear what he had to say. Because his face didn't look like she has made it... Demi sat at his desk and just dropped on the chair and threw her head back and sighed, tears left her eyes again. The doctor when to talk and she told him to hold on because her mom just texted and she wanted her mom in the room with her. He agreed with that, Demi ran out the office and ran all the way down the stairs to she reach the main doors. She hugs her mom and Dianna give her a kiss on the cheek. With that the rest of family waited in the waiting area. Dianna and Demi made it to the office. They knocked on the door, the doctor said walk in...

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