073| I think

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I think,
I think a lot,
I think until I'm shriveled,
I think until I can't understand,
I think until everything becomes a mystery,

Doors left ajar in front of me,
Locks down,
While I think,
And I think
What lies behind that door,
Until the door's no more

Love served in front of me,
Goes stale,
Because I think
A little too much,
Wondering if it's poisonous,
And I think
While it rots away into nothingness,

Happiness at my feet,
I won't take it in my arms,
I will think,
Is it healthy?
Maybe this joy is a parasite
Like a worm,
It might eat me hollow,
So I think again
Until the delight crumbles under my feet,

I think
I think a lot,
Which makes me think even more,
Do I think a lot?
While I wonder, if I think a lot
My mind thinks if I should think a lot
Because thinking is a good thing

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