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-Chapter 31

Month Six

Third Person's Point of View:

Jungkook was busy playing some games on his laptop since his face was showing that he's really concentrated into it. He recently won a match and now he's smiling all over the place and doing his happy dance. Not really genuine, but it's still a smile.

"Atleast he can still smile despite Lisa's avoidance." He thought as he was watching him from the doorway. Jungkook being the focused gamer he was, went back to his laptop.

Jimin stopped watching since Jungkook's dance was finished and he had to take a phone call.

Jungkook on the other hand, heard some screaming from the other room so he decided to check it out.

He spied on the doorway since the door was right open.

"I told you I'm doing my best right here." He spoke calmly and sighed.

"Goodbye." He says and tapped furiously on his phone.

Jungkook was about to leave when Jimin caught a sight of him.

"How much did you hear?" Jimin said seriously and in a dark tone. This alerted Jungkook an his insides shivered.

"I only started checking on you when you began screaming." He spoke truthfully and Jimin sighs in relief.

"But who were you talking to?" Jungkook was really hesitant about this question, considering that Jimin is really scary when he's angry. Also, he kind of felt that the call concerns him.

"It was just Rosé." Jimin lies nonchalantly with an expressionless visage.

"Why were you angry?" He asks again, Jungkook's curiosity is really no joke.

"If your girlfriend decides to go alone and walk in the streets around midnight, wouldn't you be angry too?" Jimin looks at Jungkook expectantly and the boy nods, still not buying what the older just said.

Jungkook had a feeling that Jimin is hiding something from him.

But what could it be?

-Chapter 31 End

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