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"A-Ah isn't this skirt too short?"
Panisha stuttered pulling her uniform down by the edges.

I question why they even make the uniform so short!
Like it's cute don't get me wrong; but I'm no prostitut-

"It's not that bad; I look good in anything," Vanessa smiled before flicking her hair back.

"H-hey there's going to be guys out there though!"


Panisha flushed running around like a headless chicken.

"Maybe because I don't have a cru-"

//girls and boys please make your way onto the court; the game is about to begin! Good luck //

We walked onto the court; it was made of elegant white obsidian stone with large sky lights allowing the spacious room to be filled with natural sunlight.

"This place sure is pretty!" Panisha said, spinning around admiring the architecture.

"It's a basketball court; it's not supposed to be pretty!" Vanessa laughed.

Seeing the court with my very own eyes helped me remember my childhood;
Like a trip down memory lane!

Yeah I've never been good at sports...but I never said I didn't enjoy them.

"Hey don't you think it's UNFAIR how the guys get to play basketball and us girls HAVE to dance around in little skirts!
If you don't think that's sexist than your name totally begins with a capital B-"

Panisha scurried holding my mouth shut with the palm of her hand.

"I swear earlier today you were happy we didn't have to play?" Vanessa laughed again.

"Come on; the less work the better!"

I guess they're right as long as I don't have to-


//Jimin's POV//

We walked out onto the court; the room was already filled with high-pitched squeals from I'm guessing girls?

Many of the guys tried way too hard to impress; oiling their skin and working out just for the sake of wooing girls!

Well when you've got a face as handsome as mine you don't need to try!

I looked over at the crowd of girls searching for Serena; her small shape and long ponytail which she'd changed into pigtails looked way cuter!

"Well I'm ready," Yoongi clicked his knuckles before completing some stretches.

I could tell he's taking this seriously.

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