Catmint5 Presents: 7 Things to Consider When Creating a Fictional World

Start from the beginning

If they are weak and indecisive, then the country is more likely to be targeted by a neighboring country or that there would be a coup. Either way, there will be some fighting going on - one, your characters might be forced to take part in - and that would be followed by a period of adjusting to the new rule of whoever ends up replacing the previous King/President.

On the other hand, you might have a tyrannical leader who oppresses their people. Or maybe a very progressive leader, who encourages education, new discoveries and equality regardless of race, gender or religion.


Let's talk a little bit about religion next as it may be very tightly connected to politics. If the majority of the people in the world you've created are extremely religious and follow the same religion, then the church - or whatever you'd like to call your religious order - would definitely be involved in politics. People with good connections to the church are going to be more likely to be promoted to a high political post as they will have high-standing supporters. You could go as far as to have the head of church be able to overrule the head of state (at least on some matters) or even have the head of church be the head of state.

Another way in which religion could play a big role in your book is by having more than one religion and people fighting over which is the "true faith".

Now, whether religion would be a tangible, provable thing (that's to say, God occasionally pops up in the human world so his worshippers could see him) or more of a notion that can't be proven, is up to you. And while we are on the topic of Gods...


For a creature to achieve a deity status, it probably has a few tricks up its sleeve. Perhaps magical tricks. But are Gods the only ones who can perform magic?

Building a magic system might be the most complicated and time consuming part of building your world, and a whole book can be written just about creating that system. However, I only have this one post so I'll have to be brief.

1. Will your magic system have strictly defined rules or will it be more mystical?

With the latter, you'll have the freedom to include more things, but your readers might be less engaged or even feel cheated as they wouldn't know what to expect and your scenes might come off as having a Deus Ex Machina all the time. With the former, readers can think of ways to solve problems along with the characters which, obviously, makes the audience more engaged.

Either way, you have to stay consistent with your magic system.

2. When building your magic system, think about these things:

What are the limitations of the magic system? What can your characters not do with it?

For example, they cannot bring back the dead. Or they cannot use any magic unless they have some sort of a medium such as a wand or a crystal.

• What are the costs for using magic?

For example, magicians have to use their own life force to perform a spell and thus shorten their natural life span. The more often they use magic and the more complicated the spells, the more their life shortens. A more simple cost can be ingredients such as herbs and minerals used in a magic rite.

• What are the flaws/weaknesses of the magic system?

For example, your character can transform into a powerful being, but the transformation takes time and they are more vulnerable than usual during the process.

➝ Adding stakes and limitations would present new challenges to your characters and would also create tension as your characters won't be all powerful and able to solve all their problems by snapping their fingers.

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