the nerd and the jock (human Raph x reader)

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A/N: you all go to the same school and stuff and they are all humans but still fight the foot, Kranng, and the PD, the pic above is them

E/n = enemy's name


(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was walking down the halls of the school trying to get to my locker when i was shoved into a wall by (E/n) "did you do my homework yet freak?" They hissed gripping the back of my neck really hard "y-y-yeah h-h-hear" i said handing it to them "hm, good enough" they said before letting me go, and kicking me to the ground "stay there until im gone" they said walking away, i slowly stood up and grabbed my bag and walked in the opposite direction, only to be grabbed yet again by a boy with black hair and a piercing in his ear "hey ya alright?" he asked, great someone saw what happened "i-i-im f-f-fine" i said as i tried to walk away "whatever ya say" he said walking away. i continued to walk to class

Raph's P.O.V

i can't believe (E/n) beat up a nerd over homework, the poor kid didn't do anything, they're to scared to even admit they're hurt. "HEY RAPH LOOK OUT!" i heard from Gabe (if your name is Gabe changed it) i turned around and caught the football he chucked at me, it was inches away from my face "Good catch man," he said walking over to me "dude i saw you talking to a nerd, if you need help with homework just ask" he said with a smirk what is wrong with this guy "no, she got hurt by (E/n) and tried to say they were fine but it's obvious that their not, i got a recording of it, im sending it to the principle" i said looking him dead in the eyes "cool save a nerd and ditch a friend, thats real smart Raph, your the fucking quarterback and your gonna rag on a cheerleader/runner back really!" he shouted out slapping the football out of my hands "dude (E/n) is dangerous and they're hurting people for no reason it's not ok!" i yelled back standing my ground for the pipsquek "your not wellcome in our groop anymore, freak" he said walking away from me. just then the front doors open and out walked the nerd from 4'th period "move it Pissant" Gabe said to them and shoved them down the stares "oh shit!" they said landing on their back with a grown, he started to walk towards them and was about to kick them "Hey. leave them alone." i said getting in-between him and the short nerd "move Raph" he growled out trying to move me "no, im not gonna let ya hurt them for no reason," i said standing there, i heard the nerd get up and run off so i walked away

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"oh god" i whispered as i panted, laying on the ground of the football field holding my chest  "there ya are" i heard from behind me, i was gonna run away from the boy but i couldn't move, my heart was beating to fast "ya ok?" he asked kneeling on the ground next to me "y-y-yeah" i managed to get out as everything started to spin "oh crap" i said pulling out my inhaler and used it, everything slowed to a stop eventually. "what just happened?" he asked looking at me with concern in his eyes "i-i-i j-j-just h-h-had a-a-an a-a-Azuma a-a-attack" i said taking a deep breath before standing up and grabbing my bag "thanx for, you know, back there with my brother" i said looking him in the eyes "Gabe's your brother???" he asked slightly shoucked "yeah him and Many, we're triplits" i said as i looked around and walked to the gate "isn't that wrong to hurt your siblings?" he asked "for some yes but he doesn't care" i said walking to the parking lot and waited for Many "(Y/N)!!" Many screamed running over to me and the boy "Many!" i said hugging him "i heard what Gabe and (E/n) did, im telling mom" he said hugging me back 

Raph's P.O.V

"hey im gonna send ya something Many," i said and sent him the video of (E/n) hurting (Y/n) "oh my god that is it, they are dead when we get home. thanks, Raph see ya tomorrow" Many said as he walked away bringing (Y/n) with him.


Hey guys and Gals im back, sorry for being gone so long but i am supper stressed out, i start school in a couple of weeks and i have been shopping for stuff for school and other stuff. 

i can't believe i got 12.3k reads, how why, THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Comment if you want a part 2 or even a part 3. let me know what else you wanna see.

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