♡Be Our Guest|Part Two♡

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Your eyes widened, and your heartbeat rate increased. Turning around, you let out a breath when you saw whom it was. You had guessed right - Michael Jackson. He was tall and slender, and wore a black coat over black slacks - pairing his penny loafers with white socks.

He had on a black fedora hat, and you had to admit - he looked downright dashing. His eyes lingered on you before he looked at Faye.

"Are you Miss Simmons?" he held his hand out to her as she nodded.

"Yes," she then gestured to me. "This is (Y/N), one of the best teachers in the school facility.

You smiled shyly as Michael proceeded to hold his hand out to you. You took it, and instantly felt sparks flow through your veins.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," you smiled politely as he released your hand.

"The pleasure is all mine," his eyes sparkled before Faye spoke again.

"Let me show you one of our classes," she said, walking ahead the two of you toward the class that you taught.

When the children saw you, they all greeted you before falling silent upon seeing Michael. You chuckled and gestured to Michael.

"Kids, say hello to Mr. Jackson," you smiled as the kids obeyed. Michael giggled shyly before you led him up to the front of the room. Faye followed, her eyes alight with excitement.

"Mr. Jackson, here, is going to spend the day with us," Faye grinned at the children. "Isn't that lovely?"

The children giggled and nodded, making you smile widely. Michael walked over to the other end of the classroom, where Faye had offered for him to sit down. He did so, and instantly, the children all ran up to him.

They chattered loudly, each one asking all sorts of questions. He giggled shyly as you looked on. He kissed a few kids on their cheeks, and displayed pure affection.

You found yourself staring at him, getting lost in the beautiful sight of it all. Suddenly, Faye walked up to you and pulled you aside.

"Can I have a word with you?" she whispered. Michael looked up at you, and after a brief moment - you looked away to follow Faye. "(Y/N)," she turned around. "Now...you do know that I believe in utter professionalism during work hours,"

"Yes," you folded your arms. You knew where the conversation was going. "Faye, just because I stare at him, doesn't mean that I'm undressing him with my eyes. Please understand that,"

Faye sighed and shook her head.

"Just remember, if anything happens between the two of you - I will have your teaching license confiscated, and you will never be able to teach again," she looked into your eyes intently. "And that would be a shame, because you're an amazing teacher for the kids,"

"Why are you being so bitter?"

"Because rules are rules, and those are the rules of the school. Pure professionalism, remember that,"

With that, she walked back into the classroom - leaving you shocked. Michael's eyes moved to your form again, and after a brief moment - he winked at you, and your insides came alive.

If he was going to carry on like this, you were surely going to lose your teaching license.


Once the day was over, Faye had left as early as she could, due to family problems. You were the last to lock up the classroom, and Michael was still there. After the last kid had waved to you and walked out, Michael approached as you cleared up your work desk.

You looked up and smiled, blushing as he studied you.

"(Y/N), is it?"

You laughed a little and nodded. "Yes,"

"I...have to admit...you're incredibly beautiful," he bit his lip shyly. "And forgive me if I'm being a bit too forward - but I would very much like to take you out on a date,"

A small giggle escaped your lips before you remembered Faye's words. At that point, your expression had changed. You grabbed your bag and began to walk out of the classroom.

"I..I need to go," you mumbled.

Michael frowned and pulled your hand back. "Wait! Did I say something wrong?"

"No, it's not you. I promise," you whispered before pulling your hand away and rushing off.

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