Chapter IV

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Dru opened her eyes, head pounding. What the fuck was wrong- she paused for thought. Hangover, she realised. She felt around her bedside table for headache tablets and a bottle of water. She took the pills, washed them down with water, and then picked up her phone- hoping that what's on it would help her piece together the night.

A photo of her and Kit outside Moonlight. Kit with a cigarette in one hand and a milkshake in the other. Dru found it odd that Kit had appeared to pick up that habit, knowing the risks. She briefly wondered where he got the milkshake. She swiped to the next photo.
Dru and Ty. Ty's hair was messy, his eyes wide and he was laughing. Most likely at Kit doing something off camera, she deducted. Ty was holding a cigarette, which was vastly out of character- especially since he lectured Kit every time he smoked. She decided he'd ask him about that later. Swipe.
Dru, Mark and Cristina. Taken in the mirror of the women's bathroom. Why Mark was there, she couldn't remember. He was doing a peace sign over Dru's head with his other arm around Cristina's waist. Swipe.
Kit, appearing to be deep in a story of some sort. Ty was staring at him in awe. Dru forwarded the photo to Kit with a heart eyes emoji.
She continued to swipe through her camera roll until she reached the video she took of Kit and Mark supporting Ty to the elevator. Dru was oddly regretful that she didn't remember this. She sent the video to Ty.

The headache tablets had apparently worked some form of magic. Dru no longer felt as if she would vomit if she sat up. She got up, brushed her teeth, grabbed the water and headache tablets, and walked to Kit's room. She didn't bother knocking. Kit wasn't there. She rolled her eyes, and lifted his phone. Of course he was in Ty's room, she thought.

Dru opened Ty's door as softly as she could manage. Her heart felt warm at the scene before her. Kit's arm was resting protectively over Ty's waist. Ty was curled into Kit, his head on his chest. Their legs were tangled together, sheets kicked down to the bottom of the bed. Dru smiled and took a photo. She would send it to Kit later.
She practically tip-toed across the room, setting the water and tablets on Ty's bedside table. God help them when they wake up, she suppressed a laugh.

As she left, Dru's eyebrows furrowed. Ty never really let anyone touch him apart from Kit, and occasionally Jules. But even then, that's a lot more physical contact than she had ever seen Ty give or receive. Maybe Kit's feelings were returned, even if Ty wasn't totally aware of it yet.
For now, however, Dru had more pressing thoughts. Such as, is there any milk left for the cereal she wanted- or did Mark drink it all straight from the carton again?


Ty groaned as he slowly gained consciousness. He really didn't believe it was slow enough. Sunlight was streaming through his window, and he knew that opening his eyes would be a bad decision.
But he was hugging something. Someone. He wanted to know who. He needed to know.
He opened his eyes a crack, and then widened them at the sight- ignoring the pounding in his head, burning in his eyes and nausea in his stomach.

Shit. It was Kit he was cuddling. If he didn't feel like absolute shit, Ty would've assumed this was a dream. He had found himself having dreams of this recently, yet he didn't know quite why. He didn't think he could wait to speak to Jules. He made a mental note to speak to Dru later. She would know what to do. He felt incredibly ill, but moving to get the tablets and water left beside his bed would wake up Kit.
Ty winced winced and closed his eyes. His hand found his phone lying beside him. Dru had sent him a video. Ty found it embarrassing.
He decided to text the younger girl.

   11:20 AM
   Tiberius B: Fuck You.

   11:21 AM
   Tiberius B: Actually, Can You Please
   Come Up Here And Help Me? I Don't Want
   To Wake Kit.

Ty waited.

   11:23 AM
   Drusilla 👻: Be up in a minute. You two
   would make a cute couple 😉

Ty blushed. Would they? He paused. Did he want that? He brushed the thought away and focused on not throwing up.

   11:23 AM
   Tiberius B: You Say That About Any Boy
   That Looks At Me Twice. I Know I'm Gay
   Dru, But Jesus Christ.

He closed his eyes.
Dru appeared in the doorway, with once eyebrow raised. Ty opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say. Dru waited.
"Honestly? I don't remember how this happened," his voice was hoarse.
"I don't remember anything, for that matter," he added quieter. Dru laughed and then cut herself short as Kit stirred.
Dru tried to fill Ty in from the limited memories she had. He had managed to sit up by now, somehow, Kit was still curled around him though. For some reason, Ty didn't mind it. In fact, he rather liked it.


Kit was alive. He thought so anyway. He did sort of feel like he had been dragged through the nine circles of Hell by his mortal enemy, Paige Ashdown. But he could feel something, so he must have been alive.

He tried to work out where he was, without opening his eyes. He could hear two familiar voices, and feel a warmth beside him. He sniffed. Ah, he thought. Ty's room.
He opened his eyes just enough to see but not for Ty and the other person to know he was awake. He had assumed the other voice was Dru, and he was correct. For once. She looked like hell. Ty most definitely looked like hell, but all Kit saw was beauty. He was pale, paler than usual, and his hair was sticking up in every direction. Cute, Kit thought.
He tried to work out what they were saying.

"Honestly Dru, this is the first night in a long time that i haven't had nightmares."
"Maybe you should get sleep with Kit more often. You know, purely for preventing nightmares- of course."
"You just find it amusing."
"I also find you and Kit cute together."
Kit's breath hitched. Ty looked at him.
"I need to talk to you later. It appears sleeping beauty has awoken."
Dru nodded, and left the room.

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