♡On Rush|Part Three♡

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When you had finally arrived home, David was sitting on the sofa - lazily watching television. There were dirty dishes in the sink, and food crumbs all over the place. Since you were the only one working, you paid for the bills and the rent. In fact, you paid for everything - even David's shopping.

And he did a whole lot of shopping with your money, it was as if you earned the money for him to spend, well - in a way you did. His behavior was getting far too annoying for you to handle.

You threw your bag onto the kitchen counter and sighed. David turned his head to face you, and laughed a little.

"What's up?" he nodded, making you groan.

"My feet hurt,"

"So do mine," he responded. "Can you massage my feet?"

You scoffed and took your bag, making your way to the bedroom. David stood up and followed you.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he leaned against the door frame, making you tear up. Everything was a mess. Your life was a mess, and you were extremely frustrated.

"Nothing," you shook your head, collapsing onto the bed. "I'm tired,"

David said nothing, making his way back to the sofa. Once he had disappeared, you began to cry silently into the pillow.

If only I wasn't such an idiot.

An idiot to stay with David.


The next morning, David had gone out for a walk with your credit card. You knew that he was going drain it, but at that point - you cared about nothing but rest. You had decided to take a day off from work - staying home to snuggle underneath the blankets.

As you laid flat on your back, staring up at the ceiling, you heard a knock at the front door. A frown formed on your face as you got up, getting off the bed to go and open the door.

"Yes, wha-" you stopped mid sentence when you saw who was at the door.


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