♡On Rush|Part Two♡

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You rushed out of the mall, taking Paris with you. Cameras followed you as you ran up to Michael - who had already made his way to the car. The groups of people were growing larger - and in no time, you were sure that you'd have been ambushed.

Once you had arrived at the car, a buff security guard pushed you in - making you widen your eyes in shock.

"Get in!" he instructed you before slamming the door shut. In the blink of an eye - the car had begun moving away slowly from the masses of people. Once you had retrieved your steady breathing, you turned and saw Michael, sitting down right beside you.

His eyes were dark, and he looked angry.

"Who gave you the right to touch my children?" he questioned lowly. "These are my children!" he exclaimed, making Paris and Prince jump.

You scoffed a little before glaring at him.

"Are you sure that you want to have this conversation in front of your kids?" you raised an eyebrow. Michael's demeanor came as quite of a shock - you had never imagined him being so...stern.

"Who said you could touch my kids, taking off Paris' mask and-"

"I didn't take it off," you narrowed your eyes at him. "She took it off herself. And she came tugging at my skirt. Cut them, and myself, some slack. I just wanted to get her away from the cameras. I know how much you want to keep them away from the media eye,"

Michael opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Paris kept on smiling at you - making you wave at her slightly before bringing your eyes back to Michael.

"Stop the car," you frowned. "I want to get off,"

"Well....at least...let us drop you home," Michael sighed. "I'm sorry-"

"Please, just stop the car. I'll walk home,"

Michael studied you carefully before rolling down the partition and telling the driver to stop.

"Hey, I just-"

You slammed the door in Michael's face, walking off along the path.

Who the hell does he think he is?

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