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×* Now there was a about 2 year time skip. MatPat's gone insane and you've gotten away with ten murders*×
You: *shoots cop*
MatPat: *runs with body*
You: This is it MatPat. We are surrounded. Our murders are....
MatPat: Not ended! This way!
You and MatPat took of into the woods. You ran until you saw a clearing on the other side. Then you heard a loud blast and moans.
MatPat: Y/N...... I was going to marry you and have kids...... Just know..... I- love yo-
MatPat died. You crawled next to him and grabbed his gun. Load.
You: Police! Come another step and I'm ending it all! The easy way out! No jail time no nothing! I'll get out for free! Just back away or the dead people will never get justice.
A cop was slowly walking toward you. So you pulled the trigger like you said you would. All you heard was a bang.

The cutest murder I've seen~ MatPat x reader x Mark sequelWhere stories live. Discover now