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Hyuna's POV

I closed my eyes as those old memories passed before me.

"Our Eomma. She was a tender lady, always cheerful, always optimistic, always smiling, always pretty and....always bald, why? Because she had cancer. She had pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. But, being a strong lady, she fought. She fought for 5 whole years.

My father took care of both of us and loved us to eternity. Oppa never noticed, but he was the one who did everything for us those days. But, Oppa was too attached to Eomma.

I wish he wasn't.

Because once she left, he stopped everything. He stopped talking, going out, eating, doing anything. And at the same time, Father sent me to my Aunt, so that I could be taken care of. Father even told me that he will send Oppa in a few days, but he never did. Because Oppa never came.

He was too scared to leave anything. He was scared to leave Eomma's belongings there in our old house, to leave Eomma's memories there.

I waited for him, everyday, every moment. I missed him, but the situation wasn't in my hands. Everyone thought that it was the best for me to stay away from them, and indeed it was.

But maybe, it wasn't the best idea to be away from Oppa. He needed me, he needed love, but no one realised what was best for him.

His health worsened and he began acting strange. He began hallucinating things. He began imagining Eomma and somehow he assumed that it was Dad who killed Eomma. So..."

"So what?" He asked. I gulped. "So he tried killing Dad." Jimin gasped at my statement. "I know it's unbelievable, but it's true." "SO SHOULDN'T Y/N STAY AWAY FROM HIM??? WHAT IF HE TRIES TO-" He was about to rush out when I got up and held his hand. "Oppa isn't a murderer, okay? He was just depressed back then!" I yelled.

He sat again. "They sent him to the mental asylum." I said. "Do you remember that night, that dance night when we were twelve? I rushed out and into a car that my father sent for me once I heard about the news. I was near him when he was about to be dragged inside that van. I screamed, pleaded, begged, but no one understood. They sent him away from me....." I broke out crying as soon as I ended my words.

"I...I am sorry." Were the only words he could say at that moment. "It's okay." He offered me some tissues.

"So now...can I trust him with Y/N?" "Yes of course." I nodded. "Cool...they look good together." I nodded again.

"So...are you fine with him being with Y/N?" He asked, frowning and looking down on the floor. "Yes. Why? You jealous?" I asked, looking down as well.

"Huh? No! It's just that....don't you hate Y/N?" I looked up at him and our eyes met. "I mean...You and Sohyun?" He asked.

I shook my head, broke the eye contact and looked down again. "I....I am really really sorry for whatever I did with her, but it wasn't intentional.  I never desired to do any if those things. I-It was just because Sohyun told me to! A-and how could y-you acc-accuse me when the same thing happened with you?" I stuttered as tears flowed down my cheeks.

"Yes." He nodded. "Yes, the same happened with me. Sohyun threatened me that if I don't part my ways away from Y/N, she will make life miserable for me. So...I had to do it all." Being familiar with the situation, I just pressed my lips together and nodded.

"She is your first love, isn't she?" I asked, looking down. "Huh?" "Y/N..." he nodded his head. "Yes, and now I regret the decisions I took in my life. I was being so coward that I didn't even realise I hurt her so badly. I lost my first love..."

"I lost it anyways. It was you..." I murmured.

"Anyways..." I got up. "...I have to leave."

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Okay yeah, this was lame.

Okay yeah, this was lame

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