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One of my fav ship (fite me)

I ship LafLams, Lams, Hamlaf, multte and Laurette the most so ya

This is your threesome uwu
Hope you enjoy it-

And also this photo is John Laurens is beutifull
And also I dont have any plot-

So we will jus get straight into it-

And Ham and Laf are dom while Laurens is sub

Cuz I need Laurens bottom in my life *-*

And this is-

Yes enjoy lmao

John Laurens P.O.V

I wake up handcuffed to bed post.
It was usual aweking.

Laf and Ham fuck me all night, tease me and tie me to bed post and put vibrator in me, and when I fell asleep they turn off  vibrator, and just leave it in me, as there is cock ring on me.

I look around, as chainy handcuffes make sound to bed post.

I hear small steps as door open, revealing Lafayette.

He smirks in his french accent

"Good morning, mon amour~" he slowly crept over me, placing hand on my thigh as he is finnaly settled on bed.

I whimper softly as I want to be fucked up senseless and merciless, torn up, scream, and more stuff like that.

He smiled

"Sorry mon amour- but mon ami went to bakery... You were so good for us last night so he went to buy you donuts" he said as he carresed his fibger through my hair.

I whined

"..l..laf please...he doesnt need to know..." I said pleading and wincing a bit.

He shook his head and smile

"Oh mon amour, we haz cameraz in zis room.." he said slowly

I slowly cry out.

"But..." He looked at me hungrily, like predator watching his prey "if you can take punishment rougher, then I will gladly fuck you till Alex comes back"

I nodded furiosly

"Words, my love" he said as he silently caress his fingers along with my freckeld thighs.

I whined a bit

"Laf please- fuck me, slap me, hit me, torn me apart if you have to, JUST PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME!" I screamed, crying slowly whimpering.

I felt like whore, who was begging to be touched.

He smirked

"Very well then-"

He said as he painfully pinned my body with his. (Laf is wearing boxers and is shirtless)

"Im starving anyway~" he said, licking his lips.

He kissed me roughly as he twitch my nipples.

I moaned softly before he fiddled with my balls.

I groaned as he went lower and lower before kissing my v-line, as he went a lil bit of low kissing and sucking my balls.

I gasped as I felt kitten licks, Laf purposly going near my length.

I cried out before bucking my hips, just to get his mouth in my length.

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