♡Believe|Part Three♡

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Note: Large age gaps may be represented in this imagine. If you are against it - please don't read this.


You stood there, staring at the man in shock. As much as a part of you doubted that all of it was real - a part of you also knew it wasn't a farce. All your life you had imagined meeting him, spending time with him - just...being with him.

But now that he was right in front of you - you were frightened. You were seventeen - and that made him forty two years older than you. Nothing could ever happen...right?

"Michael..." you whispered, the name rolling off of your tongue smoothly. You saw a small smile form on his face before he cleared his throat. His eyes stayed on you, making you very nervous.

Is this all a dream? If it is, then I never want to stay awake.

"I know it was rude of me to have just handed you the note like that, but I didn't know how else to get your attention,"

"Yeah, because gaining my attention was more important than me finding out that you're alive," you scoffed a little. You were talking to the man as if you had known him forever - well it had felt like forever.

"Listen, I don't know how else to say this," he sighed. "But...you're special,"

"Special?" you laughed a little.

"Yes, to me," he shook his head. "And I know that I sound crazy - but you're...in a way...my...soulmate,"

You stared at him for a moment before bursting into laughter. You shook your head, clearly exasperated. He had to be joking.

"You're joking right?"

"No," he responded. "I was told that a (Y/N) (Y/MN) (Y/LN) is my soulmate. That's you, isn't it? I've been searching for you my entire life,"

"You do realize that you're old enough to be my father. Your eldest daughter is older than me!" you let out a breath. "You're crazy,"

Michael flinched a little upon your words  before nodding.

"I'm not forcing anything on you. I just wanted to meet you..."

You nodded and folded arms before brushing past him - not bothering to look back.

I love him, but I can't just tell him that. I would be insane! I must have lost my mind - this can't be real.

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