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You groaned as your mother opened the door to your room - a bright look painted on her face. You pulled the blanket over your head, but she quickly walked in and yanked it away.

"Five more minutes!" you moaned. Your mother giggled and shook her head.

"Come on, (Y/N) - it's Saturday, and you know what that means,"


"Exactly. Now get up and get dressed," she laughed before making her way out of the room. "You've got thirty minutes to make yourself presentable,"

Once you heard the door shut, you sat up and quickly got off the bed. A smile formed on your face when you looked at the photo of Michael Jackson, that was stuck on the wall just before your bathroom.

You had admired Michael, in fact - you adored him. You didn't know why - but you had always felt this strange connection with him. But, of course, reality was harsh. People never failed to make you believe that the magic in life was dead.

And since Michael had passed away - things hadn't been looking too good for you.

Especially your mom. She would always wave it off as a "Teenage girl crush,"

You shook your head, snapping yourself back to your senses before walking into the bathroom to get ready.


At the supermarket, people were bustling about - making a whole lot of noise. You followed your mom, rolling your eyes every five minutes.

People walked past you, and stared. You had always been told that you were beautiful - but you never believed it. Yet, people always admired you.

As you continued to follow your mother down the vegetable aisle, a tall figure bumped into you. You looked up and saw that the person was completely clothed - and you couldn't make out whether it was a male or a female. The person stood there for a moment, as if scanning you.

Your mother walked ahead as the figure fished out a piece of paper from their pocket - handing it to you before brushing past you.

You frowned and opened up the paper - reading what had been written inside.

If you believe, meet me at the back of the supermarket in five minutes.

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