♡Accused|Part Two♡

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You stood there, shell shocked. Frank shook his head, and couldn't quite keep himself from overreacting. His panicky mode, was making everyone panic. But then again, who the hell could properly react to the news that one was being accused of child molestation?

Michael let out a breath, clearly exasperated. He ran his fingers through his hair - shaking his head.

"Who....who would do such a thing?" Michael turned his head to look at you. "(Y/N) - you know I haven't done anything of that sort. I would never,"

You nodded your head and moved closer to Michael. "I know, darling," you rubbed his back. "I know you're innocent,"

Michael relaxed a little upon your movements, but he was still very much tense. Frank shook his head continuously - no one could believe it. It was shocking, astonishingly monstrous.


"Chandler," Frank looked at Michael. "Jordan Chandler,"

"No," Michael whispered in disbelief. "It...it can't be. I would never do such a thing!"

"I know," Frank walked forward, patting Michael's shoulder. "But the allegation charges have been released. We need legal intervention now,"

Tears began to run down Michael's face. He frowned and shook his head - clearly in disbelief. He was horrified, shocked - any word that could describe pure bewilderment.

"I...I can't," Michael whispered again before walking off - making his way upstairs to the bedroom. Once the door had shut, you heard him yell - brushing several items onto the floor. Glass could be heard shattering - and at that point, you knew that he had destroyed his dressing table.

"What are we going to do?" you sighed, looking at Frank - folding your arms.

"I'll need to call a lawyer," he responded.

You nodded and closed your eyes, letting out a breath before opening them again. Things were only going to get more difficult - and you knew it.


Later that evening, you had mixed a cup of warm milk for Michael - mixing some benadryl in it to help him fall off to sleep. You quickly made your way up the staircase, and into the bedroom - shutting the door behind you.

Michael laid on the bed, sniffling, with his back turned toward you. You let out a sigh and made your way over to him - sitting down at the edge of the bed, setting the cup of milk on the bedside table.

Michael turned around, and you took his left hand in yours. He looked at you with tired eyes as you rubbed his wedding ring.

"This," you lifted his hand up slightly, pointing to his wedding band. "Means I'll never ever leave you to fight on your own. I know that you're innocent - and no matter what, I'm going to stand by your side,"

He broke into a small smile, sitting up. He gave you a chaste kiss before you handed him the glass of milk.

"Now drink up," you kissed his cheek. "I have a phone call to make,"


After you left the bedroom, you made your way to the living room - walking up to the telephone. Once you had picked up the receiver - you dialed your mother's phone number.

Almost instantly, she picked up.

"Hello?" her soothing voice made you smile.

"Hi mom," you sighed.

"Oh honey, how are you? I heard about the allegations. I knew they weren't true at all,"

"Yeah. I don't know why the Chandler family would do something like that. Michael was Jordan's best friend," you groaned a little. "I'm tired of people using him, mom. I hope Frank gets a good lawyer,"

"Honey, is there anything I can do? How is Michael?"

"Prayers would be great. Oh, I had to mix benadryl into his cup of milk just to get him to sleep,"

You shook your head before speaking again.

"Well, I've got to go. I've got some research to do,"

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