Sudden sounds startle me
And things in my mind haunt me and I'm scared

Running out of time

Running out of time

-Running Out Of Time, Phish

The driver opened my door and escorted me into a huge house on the top of a hill. It was more like a mountain and the house was more like a mansion. The architecture was mod and white and angled and more windows than I thought possible. As I walked up the steep driveway, I saw Hummers and Sports cars and motorcycles. I thought for a moment I was being lead to my death, maybe into the dungeon of this place to be put on trial by high society people who were going to tell me that I was guilty of treason or something. Wow, I watch way too movies.

The driver knocked loudly on the door and it made an empty, thumping sound, the door was three times as high as I was tall and the driver just stood there, in his black suit, his black aviator sunglasses, his hands folded neatly in front of him, his feet spread slightly apart. He was military or police, I knew that stance.

The door opened and a blonde greeted us.

"Hi! I was wondering if you got lost?", she said to the drive cheerfully yet almost accusing him of something

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"Hi! I was wondering if you got lost?", she said to the drive cheerfully yet almost accusing him of something.

"Ms. Potts. No ma'am, I apologize, we hit traffic downtown. Here she is.", he said as he pointed my direction.

"Hi, you must be Gabe?", she said to me extending her hand. She was blonde and thin and confident. A bright smile, no makeup and perfectly groomed. I wasn't sure whether to shake her hand or ask her for beauty tips.

"Hi, yes. Ms. Potts?", I said nervously.

"Nice to meet you, Tony has told me a lot about you. Call me Pepper. Every time someone calls Ms. Potts, I feel like a teacher or something.", she said with a smile.

She invited me in and the driver left with a silent nod. "Don't mind him. He's a stick in the mud. How was your ride?", she asked after I entered the huge doorway.

"It was...fine.", I said. I was in awe of the space before me. The floor was marble and the entryway was about as big as most people's entire houses. It was massive and I hadn't even entered the main part of the house.

"They're waiting for you. Follow you want anything to drink?", she asked me as her heels clicked not the floor in front of me. She wasn't even looking at me while she asked, she just flipped through papers in her hands.

"Uh, thank you....who's...who is waiting for me exactly?", I asked her. I thought I was going to throw up from fear.

"Oh, the guys. They are downstairs talking about the days events. Steve said you were on your way, so they wanted to make sure to fill you in when you got here. You want to take the stairs or the elevator?", she asked me stopping in her tracks before a huge doorway with silver elevator doors. Her expression looked serious, but not threatening.

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